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"Between the Borders", a work in progress module

DuckOfNormandyDuckOfNormandy Member Posts: 12
Hi to all.
I am writing a module structured as an open world; for now there are a total of 90+ areas with 40+ main areas and the rest such as crypts, caves, buildings interiors etc etc, but the project is swiftly growing.
The idea is to set up a world in which there are cities and villages of the "free people" (humans, elves, dwarves, halflings) joined by roads and other passages, in a chessboard-like world (all main areas are 20x20). The entire world is closed between 4 borders: the cold one at north, the hot one at south, the ocean one at west, the dry windy one at east. So for example thundra is at north and hot deserts at south, and it is supposed that beyond a certain point the weather becomes respectively too cold and hot for life to survive.
The most powerful enemies are placed near the borders, while the easier ones are placed near the center.
If you like to try it, feel free to post any comment and suggestion: about correct language (i am italian, so eventually forgive errors but report them), gameplay and all the rest.

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