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Banter speed

Can I in any way speed up the banter in baldur's gate?


  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 192
    edited March 21
    I've attached a file which you can simply drop into your override folder, and it should speed up banters without making it excessive.

    Alternatively, instructions are below if you wish to manually customise it using NearInfinity or a similar software:
    The key to speeding up banters is altering the frequency value (how often banters will be initiated) and the probability value (the chance that the banter is actually executed) in BANTTIMG.2DA.

    By default, the frequency value is 600 (banter occurs every 600 seconds) and the probability is 10 (10% chance the banter actually happens. The file I attached changes the values to 420 and 35 respectively, but if you wish to set your own values, then those are the only 2 values you need to change.

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