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I'm stuck on SCS install. Fails to install AI components.

websterr33websterr33 Member Posts: 12
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Hello. Ive finnally decided to try Baldur's Gate and honestly, im in awe of the level of polish the community and Beamdog have given to this game.

I was skeptical at first of SCS, but after seeing all the improvements in the readme, i wouldnt want to play without it. Thats where i need help. I tried installing it both with mods and without mods, but both times it gave me the same errors and failed to install
"Improved NPC customisation and management"
"Allow player to choose NPC proficiencies and skills"
"Initialise AI components"

I'm using GoG Siege of Dragonspear v2.5 (23121) and this is the file: SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG
Any help or ideas is appreciated.

edit: figured it out. turns out i had a 32bit windows so needed strawberry perl in order to run scs 32.0 +
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