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menhir ps4 bug fixed

here is how to fix this infamous bug.

If you have charisma 16+ and you sing at each menhir you have no bug, harper sound and ghost in the end.

But if you want the trophy you have to "bad singing" using a character with low charisma to have the riddle.

And here is the catch, you can only bad sing with this character (m'khiin is ok) at 4 menhirs, each menhir is active after harper sound. There are 2 menhirs which no give harper sound with low charisma and bug the quest, these you have to active with high charisma character.

Here what i did: first menhir that start quest, high charisma only, low will bug quest and no harper sound.

Then go to the 2 east menhirs, then the menhir up the campside, all with bad singing.

Go to pit menhir (where baeloth was) , use high charisma, low will bug the quest.

At least go to the statue menhir , use low charisma, answer riddle , and the ghost appear.

Just remember that menhir are well activated after harper sound and there is no way to reset quest, restore a former savegame

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