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Premium Module content for custom module?

How to find Premium Module (DLC) content on steam?
  1. Location of hak / tlk / nwm folder for NWN premium modules.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights\data
  2. Appropriate files must be copied into corresponding folders located in...
    C:\Users\***\Documents\Neverwinter Nights
  3. optional. Rename nwm files to mod files if you are trying to open a premium module. I am not.

My situation.

I would like to use the hak / tlk files from Tyrants of the Moonsea in a custom module.
If other people wish to play that module, ownership of that premium module would be a requirement.

Would other players be required to copy hak / tlk files from Steamapps folder to the User folder, or is there a way to link directly to the original game assets?

Wish List

Mostly I play the toolset, not the game. I own all the Premium Modules (DLC) and I would like to be able to easily access that content in the toolset.

Is there a combined tlk file for all the DLC content? I paid for it, I would like to use it.

Why is that content not just put in the regular User Folder? Why is it hidden?


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