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Almost out of options, need help.

LerdenLerden Member Posts: 1
Started a new game after installing a bunch of mods and all companions join at level 1, you get enough exp to level them up again, but apparently not quite enough, Imoen for example can only get to 7\7 in her dual class and not 7\8 as intended.
Does anyone by chance remember what mod might do that?
I used: Ascention, Unfinished Business, Questpack, The Tweaks Anthology, NPC kitpack, Sword Coast Stratagems, Atweaks.
Plus two NPC mods and a bunch of those adding extra banter with and benween npcs, pretty sure those wouldn't cause an ussue.


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,253
    Afaik the mod is called "level 1 npcs"

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 611
    The mod that allows this customization (in your case) is a component of SCS. It's not a component I've used, so I don't know the details of how it works.

    The thing about Imoen is that she starts with more experience than Minsc, Jaheira, or a non-imported protagonist. Those other three start with the pre-TotSC cap of 89K XP, while Imoen's Thief 7/Mage 8 dual-class requires a total of 130K. If she started at 89K, that would be a 7/6 dual class.
    Now, if you imported a character at the BGEE cap of 161K, there's a trigger that grants newly recruited party members XP up to a certain benchmark level - 125K, with the next two tiers being 250K and 500K. Imoen at 125K XP total would get you a 7/7 mage/thief, with only 5K XP needed for the next level.

    For a quick fix ... two options. Either have her be a thief 6/mage dual in this incarnation (when you get her back later, you'll have another chance to build her with a lot more XP) or just give her enough XP to reach mage level 8 with the debug console. A level 6 thief with 18 Dex can easily master trapfinding and lockpicking, which is all you really needed her thief levels for anyway.

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