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Lost Watcher's Keep Symbol

JaggedJagged Member Posts: 105
I'm currently playing on PS4 and have made it a ways into ToB. However, I realize I left the Holy Symbol needed to get into Watcher's Keep in a crate back in the Planar Sphere. I know if I was on PC I could console another one in. But is there anything that can be done on PS4 or am I just missing out on Watcher's Keep?

Could I transfer the save from PS4 to PC, add the item, then transfer back to PS4?

Thank you!


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 971
    Unfortunately I think there are no ways to transfer save games between platforms. :(

  • JaggedJagged Member Posts: 105
    Is there anyway to add an item in PS4?

  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 114
    Not much help in the current situation, but I do this all the time too. Random stuff gets dumped on the ground somewhere and forgotten about.
    Best one recently was “temporarily” putting down the light gem in the drow city. After betraying the matron mother and making my escape I had to go BACK IN to the city, grab the gem, and escape again.
    As far as fixing this on the PS4 I think you may be stuck. The PS4 version has been crippled by Beamdog to remove the console, and crippled more by Sony to remove access to the file system

  • JaggedJagged Member Posts: 105
    Ahh, I figured that would be the case. I'll just finish the game without watcher's keep.


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,578
    anyway for the future if someone goes to WK in SoA is way better that he enters at least the first level and finds a way to at least a container, no hard battles are needed.
    that container is the only way we have in the game to transfer items from SoA to ToB if we don't carry them in the party backpacks.
    given the number of situationally useful items, unused potions, ammo and scrolls it is almost impossible to really carry all them in the final SoA battle, even more for soloers and small parties.

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