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Multiplayer - brother's session gets terminated every time we change screens.

BGMattBGMatt Member Posts: 26
Hi, we started playing today (we were in the Friendly Arm Inn) and had a strange issue where every time we moved to a new screen the game would stall fora bout 10 seconds (longer than the usual loading time) and then when the new screen had loaded it would say that he had disconnected. On his end it said that the session was terminated, but on my end the game seemed to continue on fine.

He had to reconnect from the main menu every single time we changed screen.

Some info:
  • We are using Hamachi because we never got the game client to work. Hamachi settings are unchanged on my end from previous play attempts. Fresh install of BG, Steam and Hamachi on his end.
  • He does have a new computer, but it is accessing the same network as before and no other settings have been changed.
  • We did have occasional occurrences of this before, but nothing like today.
  • Starting a multi-player game without any other players seems to stop this problem completely. So it could be something to do with transferring of data between clients when changing screens...but why would that trigger a player to drop?

Any ideas what this is about?

Is there any max-latency that the client will boot players at? If a computer is taking longer to load a new map section could that result in an auto-kick?

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  • daevrojndaevrojn Member Posts: 1
    edited April 3
    I'm having the exact same problem.
    We're both using Beamdog client games with the same v2.5.17.0 version and it's around the same area as you're describing. We move from the Friendly Arm Inn to the farm location to the north and I get terminated but my friend, who hosts, has no issue. The same thing happened when he tried to quick save, and when we try to travel back from the farm to the Friendly Arm, or from the farm to the bridge to Baldur's Gate.

  • BGMattBGMatt Member Posts: 26
    edited April 4
    Interesting to hear someone else with the same issue. I cannot say for sure what changed for us, but we are no longer experiencing the problem. We wondered whether it was network traffic with Covid-19, and it being a Friday night, but we tried again this week and I would have expected it to be just as bad in that case...but we just had our smoothest most problem free gaming session yet.

    Out of interest, try having everyone running it in windowed mode...we did that today. It would seem like an unusual fix, but it's the only thing that I can think of that we have changed.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,087
    What you describe certainly sounds like a marginal connection. I agree that general network traffic will have an effect on that (I've noticed that the servers are indeed busier recently - probably due to Covid-19 lockdowns). Problems may well though be due to something happening more locally, e.g. more than one user in a household competing for wi-fi or downloading (such as Windows upgrades) going on in the background.

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