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WeiDu "copy_existing" to new item

ILRILR Member Posts: 2
Hi there!

Basically, I want to make custom changes to existing items--e g changing color, deleting certain equipped effects, etc--and then save under a new filename (as in, not actually overwriting anything but creating a new altered copy under a new filename).

// delete crazy glow effect from Plate Mail +3
COPY_EXISTING ~plat06.itm~ ~override/ilrplat3.itm~
        opcode_to_delete = 9

This is all well and good--it works--but I would also like to make it so that these new versions need no identification--as in, they're flagged as identified. Alternatively, that they require no more than Lore 1 to identify.

In DLTCEP, this is as simple a matter as putting "0" (or "1", respectively) in "Lore To ID", but I don't want to copy pre-made items into the game, since my fruit salad of mods varies with every install. And that's why I want to do this with WeiDU.

I've Google's my a$$ off and have thus far come up with nothing that works. I've scoured the WeiDU documentation but all I've found there are examples on how to add items to areas and stores. Yeap, nope, I be a clueless monkey. :D

Anyone know of a way to do this? Be mighty grateful! <3:D


  • GwendolyneGwendolyne Member Posts: 461
    edited March 2020
    COPY_EXISTING ~plat06.itm~ ~override/ilrplat3.itm~
        WRITE_SHORT 0x42 0
        [all your patches]

  • ILRILR Member Posts: 2
    Damn that was fast :smiley: Thank you muchly!
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