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Attaching sounds to creatures

gpeddinogpeddino Member Posts: 45
I've noticed that some creatures have looping sounds attached to them, such as the pixie and the fire elemental. Is there any way to change that? I mean, turn them off or attach them to other creatures? I've never seen anything related to that in the scripting capabilities.


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 809
    This can be changed. Take the pixie as an example.
    • The appearance.2da file has a column SOUNDAPPTYPE which points to row 23 of appearancesndset.2da
    • That has a column LOOPING which is set to fs_floattinkle
    The simplest way is to change fs_floattinkle to ****.

    That changes the looping sound for any other creatures that use the same sounds as well.

    If you needed to change only the pixie, make a new line in appearancesndset.2da which is identical to row 23 except LOOPING set to ****, then point appearance.2da at that row.

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