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What should I start putting proficiency points into?

I have a Kensai (going to turn into a Kensai/Thief). It currently has Grandmaster Katana.

Fighting Styles: Two-Weapon Style - Proficient, Single Weapon Style - Proficient.



  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,013
    I'd personally aim for Daystar (longsword) or Kundane (shortsword) to dual-wield alongside CF.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    edited April 2020
    if you dual at 12 or 13 you will have to put 8 pips as fighter, to avoid to overlap proficiency when you will be in the downtime i would put the other 2 pips in a weapon that you will not use when you are a pure class thief, that can be long sword or whatever depending on the weapons you plan to use.
    as thief in the downtime you will put 4 pips or 5, not sure if you get 1 or 2 at lev 1, and 1 should be dagger for the returning ones, that are the best ranged option you can achieve with your combo using the thief weapons, maybe one in 2H weapon style if you plan to switch to the staff of the ram later to stab, and you will have still other 2 or 3 others, one of them can be staff, very good to stab as you are a regular thief and are waiting to complete the dual and an other can be short sword or scimitar for a speed weapon to use OH.
    at your place i would had waited to be a thief for the 2W style first pip and the single W style as thief, now you probably will have to "waste" some pips on situational weapons to avoid to loose them when the dual is complete.
    from the moment the dual is complete you will be able to put the pips in every class allowed to the kensai, even if you are technically a thief and the kensai class is not progressing any more.
    and dualing at 13 it is other 6 pips, so enough to put a second one in 2 weapons style and push an other weapon to GM, weapon that can be long sword, there are not very great katanas in ToB, or probably staff, for even more super stabs or dagger to fire them ranged like a machine gun.
    with the returning ones that have 2 apr, 1 apr from lev 13 and 1 from GM you get 4 apr, 4.5 with the ToB gauntlets, that are 9 apr improved hasted. As you will have to wait a long time before UAI a ranged option is really important.
    Anyway CF is a good weapon also in ToB, not so OP, as the enemies have on average better ST, so the stun happens less often (if you don't help it with doom and greater malison from your cleric and mage ;) ), and the enemies that require more then +3 to be hit are very few.

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