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Problems with PS4 version

I finally bought the PS4 version of Planescape Torment and I can't find proper words to express my disappointment and rage. This port is awful! Disappearing single letters or whole lines, problems with Polish font (plus mistakes in PL version that were not present in the original PC version), game crashes, the WHOLE JOURNAL IS EMPTY (only quest log works fine), etc. Are you planning to make a new patch or this is just too much for you and you have better things to do (since you already have our money?).



  • Gamey_JamieGamey_Jamie Member Posts: 22
    Hi Prosiaq. You'll see there are a few threads on here from people who have encountered similar problems - myself included. I share your frustration. I think the only thing we can do is keep raising faults through the beamdog site as we encounter glitches. Hopefully we'll get a fix at some point.

  • Orm71Orm71 Member Posts: 1
    Hello guys, don´t realy count on that. I´ve the same issue on my switch version. The whole journal is empty and i´ve reported this four months ago. No reply so far.

  • Gamey_JamieGamey_Jamie Member Posts: 22
    That's not good to hear Orm71. I've seen a few patches coming out for Neverwinter Nights which came out after PS:T. I'm guessing NWN sold more copies so it's getting more attention from the developers? And I completely get the current outbreak is slowing everything down to a crawl so expecting nothing soon - but frustrating that the issues we're encountering are right at the start of the game. Surely they should have picked this up when testing it. Was it rushed out I wonder? Real shame as the games are amazing and the enhanced editions run fine on PC as far as I know and it's the same developers.

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