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3e style Sneak Attack in BG2 Question

I'll be doing another playthrough of BG2:EE and mulling over what to play. Was thinking of playing a dual fighter into thief using a bow of some sort and enabling the 3e style sneak attack instead of backstab.

Now I know (I think) that this makes enemy thieves pretty much sneak attack with every hit (since the condition check for enemy thieves for 3e sneak attack requires neither being behind a PC or being invisible) and I'm fine with that danger....but I've not found weather or not it still requires a backstab-functional melee weapon or not.

Basically, does the 3e-style sneak attack in BG2 function with a bow (or ranged weapon, assuming player check conditions of being behind the target are met), or is it still limited to backstab-functional weapons?
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