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EEKeeper Question

LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177

I'm looking at a Creature with EEKeeper. In the Resistances Tab, what the numbers mean? I see negative and positive values?

Thanks a lot


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 997
    The amount of damage you take from an element = 100% - your resistance. If your resistance is negative, for example by wearing the antipode belt, then you take above-normal damage from the element. It is also possible for your resistance to go above 100, in which case you are healed by the element.

  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    So, what does Fire +50 and Cold -25 do?

  • LookToWindwardLookToWindward Member Posts: 177
    Oh, and Fire +110 and Cold -110?

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 997
    edited April 2020
    That was fully explained by the previous comment but I am happy to provide more detail. You want any resistance to be as high as possible and preferably over 100 percent if possible. Fire +50 reduces incoming fire damage by 50 percent. Cold -25 increases incoming cold damage by 25 percent. Fire +110 eliminates incoming fire damage and gives 10% of it back to you as healing. Cold -110 causes you take double damage plus an additional 10%.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,513
    A detail to add: the damage taken in a resistance calculation is rounded up for each individual damage packet. If you have 5% resistance (say, a low-level priest using Armor of Faith) and an enemy deals 15 damage of that type, you take 15*0.95=14.25, rounded up to 15 damage. That 5% resistance didn't help at all, and wouldn't for anything less than 20 damage. If you want to protect yourself from a source that deals damage in frequent packets of 1 each (like most poison or the acid pools in Durlag's Tower), you'll need full 100% resistance to help at all.

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