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TNO won't regenerate anymore

Hello. I have a problem with my copy of PST:EE. I will be honest: I wanted to change my stats mid game and couldn't restart from the beginning out of boredom, so I used EEKeeper to change the stats, simply. But I noticed that once you edit a savegame with EEKeeper than save to a new one, TNO stops regenerating on his own. To add further information, I have purchased the Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation and it does contribute to my regeneration rate (I get 1 hp every 10 seconds). Also, I have tried, to no avail, adding a permanent regeneration every few seconds to match my constitution as per the reference table on the PST:EE wiki.

Another thing that is a slight issue: I cannot give a stat increase every time I level up, I have to do it manually with EEKeeper. Seems like I am cursed for cheating my way through ! :disappointed:

Any ideas how to solve this mess without restarting a whole new game?

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