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STILL having endless issues with multiplayer

This is starting to make playing the game almost impossible. We have been having almost constant issues for about a month now, but over the last week we have had an average of one disconnection every five minutes or so (brother loses connection), and dozens of crashes (one or both of our games freezing and shutting down). I feel like we have started to run out of options here. Disconnections can occur anywhere, e.g. running around an open area, inside a building, changing screens, in dialogue, in a store, in battles. Crashes typically happen when I've clicked the start game button, but I've seen them occasionally elsewhere.

Summary so far:
  • When we first tried to play we were unable to host and join through the normal game lobby/server. When one of us hosts the other just gets stuck with the usual "waiting for information from server".
  • Both are fresh installs of latest version, both are Steam versions, both on Windows 10, no mods installed. Neither of us had SoD (though I did install it yesterday, and then disabled it. Problems existed before this anyway). uPnP is enabled. Host (me) is connected directly to router (so no wi-fi). Router firmware is updated.
  • We have both disabled steam cloud saves.
  • I'm using the alternate renderer (was recommended in one thread somewhere), but he is not as that setting crashes his game.
  • Neither of us click ANYTHING else whilst waiting for the game to load.
  • I've set a static IP and forwarded all the ports I could find recommended in various places (TCP/UDP: 2300-2400, 6073, 47624, 47630). This didn't improve the situation, we still couldn't join each other's games.
  • We both entirely disabled our Windows firewalls.
  • Both of us use Windows Defender (so no 3rd-party AV that we have heard can cause issues).
  • We were then told that Hamachi might solve our issues, so we have both installed that, and have set that up as per the various recommendations (including more port forwarding). He can at least join my server via the internal IP that Hamachi provides...but the multiplayer stability is still honestly atrocious a lot of the time, and has been consistently bad for a couple of weeks now. Hamachi can show a constant direct tunnel and we still have these issues.
  • A roll-back to a previous version was recommended, but if saves aren't compatible then this is simply a no-go. We have made too much progress.

Does anyone have any recommendations for further avenues for troubleshooting or possible fixes for this?

I have submitted a message to and will post any suggestions here for others who may be facing similar issues. I also plan to cross-post this at /r/baldursgate in case the user-base doesn't exactly overlap, but I will make sure that any potential fixes get mentioned in both locations too.




  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 7,048
    Sorry to hear you've still been having such a frustrating time. It sounds like you've tried everything in relation to the game itself. However, are you confident the problem is with the game itself rather than the general quality of your connection?
    - if your connection has been stable, but your brother's has not then that might suggest a problem at his end. Has he tried a direct connection to his router?
    - are you able to play other multiplayer games together without problems?
    - does a broadband checker show decent speeds for both of you?
  • BGMattBGMatt Member Posts: 28
    Thanks for the help. I'm not confident either way so happy to try anything that might help. I checked my connection today and it was a steady 30mbps down and 3mbps up, not the fastest but should be sufficient? I also tested packet loss and it was generally very low, with a pretty steady ping. I'll ask my brother to check his tomorrow and will see if he has a ethernet cable to connect directly to the router.

    We haven't played much else to compare. Though we did play Project Zomboid almost entirely without issue.
  • BGMattBGMatt Member Posts: 28
    Solution has been found! All that had to be changed was for my brother to directly connect to the router (i.e. with cable, not on wi-fi). We have a had a week without any disconnections since then, so we are pretty sure that was the issue. It just seems like the game is not very tolerant of imperfect connections, but works fine now.
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