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a confusing return after many years...

funny how we come full circle...
years ago was heavily involved in nwn 1 & 2.
in the early days of nwn, playing lead to mapping, mapping lead to world building, which took me down the 3ds max rabbit hole...then life happened,...((read as: wife,kids,work))
things have settled, find lots of time on my hands and have returned to playing nwn-ee, tracking along,,
its been 10 years or so since i last monkeyed about,...still have my 3ds-m8, but im having trouble finding the old plugins and programs to get at it....seems alot has changed in EE, coupled with dead links,....well that and a rusty memory from my stoner days.....
i'll be lurkin about looking for anything still relevant to tile set creation and placeables.
hopin ta get back into it for awhile, newer action "rpg" game dont appeal,..miss th rp days.



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