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EE Tactics Mod - DavidW?

Been thinking of how amazing it would be to have an EE version of the classic tactics mod that is compatible with SCS, or even an extra installation option within SCS.

@DavidW - I’m sure your a busy man, but if during this whole quarantine you find yourself bored, I would happily contribute some money towards your time if you had any interest at all in making this happen! Maybe others might be interested in donating as well?

Just a random thought I had, figured I would throw it out there....


  • tedmann12tedmann12 Member Posts: 108
    Btw, I’m aware there is an alpha version out there... but I mean a fully completed version that meshes well with scs

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    here is the thread where is possible to find the download link and details about the alpha version, that should work pretty well, even if playing tactics with the original game i had not personally test it.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    @DavidW payment is a trade, you give something if you get money.
    your willing to offer us something for free is very noble and appreciated (and it is true for all the modders, not only you).
    but my parents taught me that it is polite to give some form of present to some one that does something for free for us, only to show him how much we appreciated it.

    so, if we will manage to know where in the FR multiverse you live, i hope that you will find in your mail box the next xmast some shiny new enchanted sword or powerful enchanted ring. :)
    and the fact that you can easily mod them by yourself does not matter, it is a sign of appreciation, not a mundane payment for a service that you give to us free. ;)

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