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The Longer Road = how to proceed correctly ?

SeldarSeldar Member Posts: 432
Hello there !

I have installed the mod The Longer Road where I'm supposed to recruit Irenicus and lead him to his redemption with a new soul given by Illmater...

I did his quest in the watcher's keep, I saved the Deva and the Demon (it seems it's an important part of the mod). Irenicus has a lot of dialogues, each time he talked to me, I tried to change his way of thinking.

But of course, once the final battle done vs Amelissane, he said he still want a soul of Bhaal, Solar says I have no choice, I have to give him my own soul... In other words, I failed...

I tried 3 times this mod, and never managed to redeem this poor guy....

So, the question is : did anyone make it ? and if yes how ?

You know, after all my attempts, I'm ready to edit Irenicus' variables with EE keeper to get the good end, but I really don't know what values need changes...

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