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Comprehensive guide to spell scroll availability in IWD/HoW/TotL

UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
Icewind Dale is a little notorious for having limited scroll availability, making it a bit silly to take more than two casters that use spellbooks...valuable spells would be spread a little thin across the party. However, I wanted to know exactly how many of each scroll I could find across the game. There are some guides out there that attempted to lay this out such as Haeravon's, but any I could find were incomplete or only based on direct observation, which is often limited by what the player manages to find in their playthrough.

So I set out to examine the game in detail using Near Infinity alongside my own observations, and I've put together a complete and comprehensive guide on which spells can be found where throughout the entire game and its expansions. Hopefully this resource can help others as they plan their party composition, or for those who are wondering whether more scrolls are available before they teach a spell to someone.

It would be a little unwieldy to post here, so I will link the IWD wiki where I posted it:

I discovered a couple mildly interesting things along the way.
  • Wraithform makes a couple lists of IWD spells online, but its scroll isn't found anywhere in the game and sorcerers cannot learn it. It does seem to function if you console in a scroll, though.
  • I knew that in the game's original release, Orrick completely swapped out his stock at chapters 2 and 4, so if you didn't buy his items before the cutoff points you would miss out forever...or conversely you could get multiple copies of some scrolls by buying early and then again after his inventory refreshed. I'd heard that in the EE he adds to his inventory instead of replacing it so you can't miss out on anything, but in testing I found out a little more about how this works. The game adds to his store via the code AddStoreItem("KUORK0","<scroll ID>",1,1), however this does not add a new item if one already exists. In other words, Orrick sells a number of scrolls in each chapter update, but you will need to buy them before each update to prompt him adding another copy.
  • In the original release, Hold Person was added to Orrick's inventory in chapters 2 and 4, but it seems to have been forgotten or otherwise left out of the EE, so now the only way to obtain arcane Hold Person is a 1/10 chance in a random drop in the Temple of the Forgotten God.
  • You can only find one single scroll for 98 out of the 220 spells.
  • 108 spells can only be purchased. 63 spells can't be bought and can only be found lying around somewhere.
  • Out of all the scrolls in the game, only the 9th level spells Monster Summoning VII and Power Word, Kill are found in all three parts (IWD/HoW/TotL).
  • The only spell you'll find in a store with 3 copies available is Invisible Stalker, sold by Nym.



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