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IWD: EE 6man Group

Okay, so I just finished my play through of IWD EE, HoW, and TotLM. I used the same group through out the entire process.

Human: Paladin (no kit) L15
Human: Paladin (no kit) L15
Human: Paladin (no kit) L15
1/2 Elf: Cleric/Mage (My Identifier) L13/13
1/2 Elf: Cleric/Mage (Most of the Summon Spells) L13/13
1/2 Elf: Fighter/Thief L12/15

That was my original set up in Vanilla (no HoW at the time), so I thought that I would do the same with EE. I made a few minor mistakes with the weapon proficiencies since it's EE and I ran into a few snags where I was healing more than DPSing. However, I think it was a solid group for EE first play through.

However, for my second play through from start to finish, I want to utilize some of the other classes. I don't want to use Paladins again. I also, don't want such a dang boring set up either. Utility wise, it was great. Fun wise (aka/ala paper, pencil. dice IRL), not so much. Having clerical and wizard spells on one UI was nerve wracking.

I was thinking, in place of my 3 Paladins will be...
CG, 1/2 Elf, Cleric/Ranger
CN, 1/2 Orc, Fighter/Cleric
LN, Dwarf, Dwarven Defender

Instead of 2 Cleric/Mages...
CN, Dwarf, Priest of Talos or Tempus
NG, Elf, Fighter/Mage -or- Bard (Skald?)

Instead of an 1/2 Elf Fighter/Thief...
TN, Halfling -or- NG Dwarf

Thoughts, comments, suggestions? I really want to use a Ranger: Archer, but I can't seen to find room. I guess I could replace the Dwarven Defender and the Archer could be a hybrid, but that would defeat the whole purpose of having that one strong range character.

Also toying with the idea of running a 5man group, can't seem to get the right combo. Any ideas? Anyone done that before?


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 965
    Fighter/cleric, ranger/cleric, fighter/illusionist, fighter/mage/thief, skald, and sorcerer are all entertaining choices you could consider including in your next run-through. Actually a party with that exact mix would fit pretty well for the most part with what you have in mind. Good luck!

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 838
    Archer, berserker, mage/thief, bard, ranger/cleric, fighter/druid.
    It gives you 3 melee fighter, 2 divine, 2 arcane, and the archer.

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33
    jsaving: That would be a great class combo for HoW since you can start off around level 9-10, especially with the F/M/T.

    Danacm: Indeed. I feel that the 3 melee set up is a must. Need that front line for the supports to 'work their magic', so to speak. I can't run a group w/out at least two healers. Of course, the token Thief is needed no matter what the set up, unless you full on march through traps with a high HP character.

    Cool, thanks for the input. I shall give each a shot. I am really curious about the Fighter/Druid too, very interesting multi-class that I haven't tested yet.

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 838
    You can easily live with swashbuckler 6 dualled to mage, thats the bare minimum and maximum for a thief.
    I liked fighter/druid for something new, and plain druid for the fine druid spells.
    Also the fighter/druid can use better the shapeshift forms.

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33
    Danacm: I tried the Swashbuckler when I made a HoW group. He got trashed repeatedly. That's was part of why I decided to make another group from the beginning, w/out cheating via gifting items. So far it's do okay. If I do hit that impassable wall, I'll drop the Fighter/Cleric for a Fighter/Druid for the 2nd round of the 2nd play through. Maybe, I'll set up a Dual Class character as well. I was thinking Fighter w/long bow and dagger usage, then go Mage. I can always pay an NPC to ID my goodies in the mean time.

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