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End of Chapter ten: getting out of the basement - spoilers ok

I am stuck in the basement. I have tried repeatedly to get out, There is a huge mob coming up from the south, and I cannot get out of the basement after dealing with boss, and the 'Voice'. I have battled past the boss, talked to the ghost of what's his nuts, and battled out of the room to the NE from voice, cleared the room to the SW across the hall, past the gate to go North. The gate needs the key to open and let me out? The south is a huge mob that I cannot kill as of yet, (I am not the greatest at combat.) I have tried many times and the game is now dormant until I get past this and get the key to get out of the basement. p.s. picking up the suit of Plate +1 would be really nice too. Yes, I have used potions in the combat. Yes, I have used all manner of my spells so far as I know. This is a death on a stick combat.


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,253
    It is definitely a hard fight with countless mobs (they do end at some point, but it takes a while) .Have you got invisibility potions and the like? I mean, they will try to detect it anyway but you can use summons or one of your npcs as "bait" the party gets to the "elevator" southeast of the map.

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