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End of Chapter ten: getting out of the basement - spoilers ok

I am stuck in the basement. I have tried repeatedly to get out, There is a huge mob coming up from the south, and I cannot get out of the basement after dealing with boss, and the 'Voice'. I have battled past the boss, talked to the ghost of what's his nuts, and battled out of the room to the NE from voice, cleared the room to the SW across the hall, past the gate to go North. The gate needs the key to open and let me out? The south is a huge mob that I cannot kill as of yet, (I am not the greatest at combat.) I have tried many times and the game is now dormant until I get past this and get the key to get out of the basement. p.s. picking up the suit of Plate +1 would be really nice too. Yes, I have used potions in the combat. Yes, I have used all manner of my spells so far as I know. This is a death on a stick combat.


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,299
    It is definitely a hard fight with countless mobs (they do end at some point, but it takes a while) .Have you got invisibility potions and the like? I mean, they will try to detect it anyway but you can use summons or one of your npcs as "bait" the party gets to the "elevator" southeast of the map.
  • ValianceValiance Member Posts: 11
    I was wondering what the objective was, to get back to the elevator, or past the gate to the North? And, any further suggestions on how to succeed the combat.
  • ValianceValiance Member Posts: 11
    ok, after another 15 tries, I still cannot fight my way out of there.
  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 1,090
    If you are where I think you are, you can't go out the main door. The only way out is the elevator. Keep in mind, even if you *could* find a key to that door, there is literally a whole army on the other side. Not really a great option.

    Invisibility is your friend here. It may be too late, but this is where you summon a few distractions, chug some invisibility potions (or cast it), and slip out. The key is the summons, though. You need the mob distracted by *something*.

    As an aside, if you are having trouble with the basement, then you really are going to need invisibility once you get back to the cavern.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    On difficulties lower than insane, you can also just kill everyone coming after you.

    Oh also, once you reach the cavern, it is possible to avoid any more combat on your way out.
  • monicomonico Member Posts: 571
    edited June 2020
    Valiance wrote: »
    I was wondering what the objective was, to get back to the elevator, or past the gate to the North? And, any further suggestions on how to succeed the combat.

    To complement what @Maurvir and @ThacoBell already said, yes, your objective is escaping the basement from where you came (elevator).

    Well, in fact, your purpose coming there was only to gather intel & eventually poison the supplies, but it is not mandatory at all (only placing the barrel is needed to advance the storyline).

    I don't know your party composition or anything, but swiftness and invisibility is key here:
    - you can either combat your way through the mob in the basement (I never do it, so I don't know if they run out at some point, but they're tough), thinning their ranks until you reach the elevator
    - you can, as was suggested above, use summons as bait while you flee away
    - or you can try and go invisible (the mob tends to patrol the basement though, and some of the priests cast True Seeing, so you have to be swift and careful).

    Once you're out of the basement, without going into spoilers, I suggest again swiftness and leaving the map rapidly.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    @monico "- you can either combat your way through the mob in the basement (I never do it, so I don't know if they run out at some point, but they're tough), thinning their ranks until you reach the elevator"

    Below insane difficulty, they do indeed stop coming eventually. In fact, the final "wave" is a unique party.
  • alceryesalceryes Member Posts: 377
    edited July 2020
    I recently went through this exact encounter. I'm playing on insane difficulty (without the extra damage) and it was a royal PITA!

    What worked for me was battling the mages (with the heifer dude) and then staying in that room. You'll need to battle a few mobs that make their way in to that room (web, cloudkill, wand of fire, etc.). But then they stopped coming. I sneaked out and noticed that there was a slew of mobs just waiting around towards the entrance of the area. I went back, selected my spells, RESTED!, buffed, and lured smaller portions of the collective mob to my 'safe room' where I rinsed and repeated the web, cloudkill, wand of fire formula.

    I had to rest and repeat twice before I was able to fully clear the area. On insane difficulty there IS an end to the mobs it's just a loooong ways away from the initial heifer dialog.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    Huh, I always thought insane made that encounter infinite. Good find.
  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 130
    Know this is an old thread, but I was reading the posts and just went through this myself not too long ago.

    One strategy that might not have been mentioned is to keep the rest of your party NEAR the lift in the southeast. Naturally I tend to use my stealthed thief for soon as you enter the bedroom, the dialog and battle starts, regardless if you are hidden or not.

    As soon as the dialog ends, I run my thief back down to the rest of the party in the most southern section. You'll have some crusaders coming UP from the lift, so you need to handle those WHILE dealing with the 3 wizards that will pursue. But if you can run back south quick enough with your thief, and he's still hidden, you won't aggro any of the Golems or crusaders in the Northeast.

    I would say the fight really started in the southern half (or maybe southern third) of the large central area, between the two rows of bars. I sent a cloudkill or stinking cloud (one of them) by the lift to help control the crusaders coming up, and had Minsc basically keep the conscious ones busy. Gave Khalid a potion of magic blocking (which helped big time), sent him and CHARNAME (Wizard Slayer>Thief, Wizard Slayer currently inactive) to tank and hack. And I think Dynaheir still had a Breach or two memorized, which helped, but not against all three of them. Glint was there to basically Detect Illusions since I ran out of my illusion-dispelling spells too. Also had Corwin firing arrows where appropriate

    So definitely a large 6-person team (I'm used to like 3-5 normally, but the dual class inactivity and the way I RP this character definitely lent itself to a bigger group for SOD).

    What got me was seeing those chests in Hephernaan's bedroom, unopened. Since I aggroed the mages and ran away, and had the battle a ways away, the safest thing to do would have been to just go down the lift and give up the loot. But instead, I ran Glint back to the room, tried to detect traps, disarmed them, unlocked, grabbed the loot, and ran back...with perfect timing to kite all the golems and crusaders to my group. My tired and drained party was obliterated--couldn't even get my entire party to the lift in time before CHARNAME as killed. So I had to reload.

    Next time, was still able to beat the mages, and instead of giving up on my greed, I just gave Glint a potion of invisibility and hasted him. Was able to lift all the chest contents and run back to my party, get on the lift, lie to the Ogres, and catch my breath in the Warrens.

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