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Forming a group of 6 using Marvel and/or DC Heroes, need opinions, who would you choose?

It's Covid time... I am bored to tears... I am thinking of making another 6 man group for IWD EE. A third one lol.

However, this time I want to use Marvel and/or DC characters, not just the names either. I will look up pictures for the portraits as well. I want 3 DC and 3 Marvel for my group, all good so no Villains.

First, I want that Archer in my group. So I am thinking of Green Arrow all the way.

Second, I want a Berserker in my group too. Of course all I can think about is The Incredible Hulk.

The others? So far I have (DC) Priest: Ivan Isaacs for my Priest of (Talos?). (DC) Catwoman: Selena Kyle as my Fighter/Thief. (Marvel) Doctor Strange: Stephen Strange for my Mage (kit?) or Sorcerer. I am stumped on the last one. I want a Marvel Character that could be a good Cleric/Ranger or maybe even a good Fighter/Cleric.

Which Marvel and/or DC characters would you use to form your 6 man adventuring party for IWD EE?
What class (or classes) would you use for each one?



  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 6,424
    Thor - Human Priest of Talos/Fighter (must be EE-Keepered but would be pretty fun!).

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33

    Nice. Good call. Of course specialize in War Hammers.

  • RedRodentRedRodent Member Posts: 78
    edited May 11
    I remember I ran a similar group when I was a kid. Of course, that was an unmodded version of the original ID so I could only get so creative with the classes. If I recall correctly, I assembled a DC-themed team consisting of:

    1. Superman (Paladin), pretty self-explanatory. Ideally, he'd be an aasimar but oh well.
    2. Batman (Fighter/Thief), monk/thief would probably be closer to the comics but hey it worked well enough. Make sure to use lots of darts and backstabs.
    3. Wonder Woman (Ranger), Diana was hard. She could easily just been a fighter but her connection to nature made ranger seem like a good fit.
    4. Aquaman (Ranger), awesome brawler who can command wildlife? Textbook ranger, yo.
    5. Green Lantern (Conjurer), the closest thing to a mage I could think of out of the a-listers. Lots of summons and magic missiles.
    6. Martian Manhunter (Druid), just because of the shapeshifting. Could probably also work as a mage with polymorph, I guess.

    If I were to remake the team today, I'd probably change Batman to a single kit thief, probably a shadowdancer (but just about any thief kit would work). I'd also make Aquaman a beast master (even though he may only use leather) and have Wonder Woman be a fighter after all, due to her warrior background. Maybe I'd consider Avenger for J'onn because of the cooler shapshifts but I'm not sure.

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33

    That was a good read, thanks. Too bad no mods to bring in other PC races, Aasimar would be great, especially as a Paladin. Of course I would balance that with a Tiefling Fighter/Thief or a Thief (w/kit class).

    Too bad you can't multi or dual class a Monk in IWD:EE. I see Batman as the quintessential Dial-Classed Human. As for Wonder Woman, there is a female portrait that has a lasso, perfect fit. Too bad no rope weapons in IWD or IWD:EE. Green Lantern would make a sweet Conjurer. I was thinking about Swamp Thing for the Druid or maybe a Shaman, don't know what kit tho. I needed a good Cleric/Ranger too. I was thinking about a Marvel character, so Namor would work. He is the Marvel Aquaman.

    Now, if you were to make a team today, with only Marvel characters, who would you pick?

  • RedRodentRedRodent Member Posts: 78
    edited May 11
    Swamp Thing or someone like Animal Man would make for a great druid, good call!

    Spot on with Namor, or you could always roll a Fighter/Cleric Thor like Balrog99 mentioned.

    I remember toying around with the idea of a Marvel run but think I never got around to it because the roster ended up so similar to my DC one. However, with ID:EE there are plenty more options:

    1. Captain America (Paladin w/throwing weapon and shield) - similar to Superman but focus on ranged combat to try and simulate him throwing his shield around.
    2. Thor (Fighter/Cleric w/hammer) - not sure if there's a throwing hammer in IW:EE but if there is...
    3. Hulk (Barbarian or Berserker) - you've already covered this one.
    4. Black Panther (Assassin) - sneaky and powerful up close.
    5. Spider-Man (Monk w/sling) - acrobatic and nimble. The sling is for simulating his web-shooter.
    6. Iron Man (Mage w/constant stoneskin on) - You could go either fighter or cleric for Tony if you want, but I figured high intelligence + mage protections works as a decent stand-in. Oh, and fireballs of course.

    Unfortunately, this line up is all dudes and I like my teams to be as diverse as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of X-men options to choose from:

    Storm (Druid - possibly Totemic) - pretty self-explanatory.
    Jean Grey (Enchanter) - domination, hold person, confusion, and so on.
    Kitty Pryde (Shadowdancer or any other sneaky thief-class) - you could also go mage/thief if you want dimension door.

    The X-men also gets bonus points for letting you bring a dwarf or a halfling along (Wolverine)!

  • RedRodentRedRodent Member Posts: 78
    So quarantitis got to me and I figured I might as well keep striking while the iron is hot.
    Introducing the Legion of Doom!

    1. Lex Luthor (LE Sorcerer) – similar idea to Iron Man but since Lex just oozes charisma I figure a Sorc is more fitting. Still maxed out INT though!
    2. Cheetah (TN Shapeshifter) – A werecat form would have been more fitting of course but this will have to do. Max out DEX and STR and watch her tear foes to shreds. She works as a thief as well but with the whole totem angle, I think druid is the way to go (even if she’s really more NE than TN).
    3. Joker (NE Jester) – Jester feels like the most natural fit for Mistah J. Have him use plenty of darts/wands/throwable potions for maximum chaos. Should be CE but those damn rule limitations…
    4. Black Manta (NE Fighter) – Ideally, Manta would be a ranger but since they can only be good-aligned, a fighter will have to do. It works out pretty well though considering his mastery of all types of weaponry and proficiency as a brawler.
    5. Sinestro (LE Conjurer) – Evil Lantern, need I say more?
    6. Deathstroke (NE Assassin) – pretty self-explanatory I think.

    And here are a few others I considered as well:

    Poison Ivy (Druid) – All entanglement, all the time
    Bizarro (Blackguard) – The opposite-Superman should be an opposite-Paladin, no?
    Deadshot (Archer) – If only rangers could be evil…
    Gorilla Grodd (Enchanter) – similar to Jean Grey but a GORILLA.
    Black Adam (Fighter/Mage) – I was so close including Adam. He is obviously a mage, but his hand-to-hand capabilities make him well suited to a multiclass.

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33
    RedRodent: (6:46am post)

    Last night I thought about Captain America as a Paladin as well. I always use a shield with my Paladins, so I thought that fit, even if Paladins don't throw shields. I haven't seen any throwing hammers, just daggers and axes. I did stumble upon a throwing dagger with Returning on it. I am aching to use that in a start up HoW group since they start at higher levels, so it's not cheating. Range besides the usual bow/xbow/sling.

    Great Marvel line-up for a D&D computer game. The Icewind Dale Avengers! Great thought process for each choice too, slings to simulate Spidey's webs was classic. Storm could also be a Dual Class Priest of Talos, with a Fighter perhaps. I know she isn't CN, but she isn't evil either. Shadowcat as a Shadowdancer is spot on, with X-men and when she moved to Excalibur. Same could be said about Nightcrawler as well. Most people don't know or remember that Wolverine was only 5 foot 2. So having a Dwarf or Halfling with two daggers would be a nice touch. I was thinking of making a Fighter with the Kensai kit too.

    Yeah, I can't seem to bring myself to have an all male or female group. It just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. That and and it would limit the amount of portraits to choose from. This was originally back in the day before EE and knowing I could use custom portraits.

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33
    RedRodent: (9:09am post)

    I have wanted to make an evil party for IWD just to what the play through would be like dialog wise. DC Villains would be a much better fit that Marvel ones. That's the one thing I liked about DC, great Villains.

    Spot on Evil Group of Evil. Lex would be the leader for sure. I agree, I would max out INT if I could, even if that meant a 3 for WIS. Joker? Bummer with the 2nd Ed. alignment limitations. I am sure there is a mod to cancel that out, but I don't like messing with mods. I'll overlook the alignments, races, and other limitations.

    I just want the overall feel of the group being DC and/or Marvel, heroes or villains. It gives more playability to the game. Plus, I want to see the viability of such a group too. What if it has a lack of healing, or range, or spell casting, etc.? How far will it get into IWD: EE before it his that wall of non-progression? Who knows, maybe you will find that sweet combo that you wouldn't have ever thought of w/out adding that extra layer.

  • RedRodentRedRodent Member Posts: 78
    For sure, it's a great way of experimenting with party combinations. Looking back on your original post, I'd probably lean sorcerer for Strange (he is supremely good at it after all ;)) If not, maybe the illusionist kit is the closest out of all options. The problem with a specialist mage is that Strange's magic is so versatile that it's hard limiting him in-game.

    Also, perhaps Captain Marvel could be a decent candidate for ranger/cleric? Her army training could roughly translate as a survivalist fighter-type embodied by the ranger, while divine magic might simulate her cosmic powers?

    And while I'm definitely more of a DC-guy, I still love plenty of Marvel's bad guys. Sabretooth works great as barbarian/berserker, Mysterio is the perfect illusionist, Loki is another great mage or sorcerer option, Dr. Doom would work as pretty much anything but I'm leaning cleric/thief because of the utility, Juggernaut is THE tank fighter, Taskmaster is another strong fighter or multiclass option and so on. Healing is the biggest issue, but there are ways around that as well. Potions for one, but I could easily see characters like Loki and Doom have access to healing magic.

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33

    That's true. Doctor Strange is the "Sorcerer" Supreme, so Sorcerer would fit for sure. Yes, Captain Marvel. Why not have two captains in the group? America and Marvel. Full Marvel group will be...

    Captain America: Leader, Paladin, LG.
    Captain Marvel: Second in Command, Cleric/Ranger, LG.
    Black Panther*: Utility Warrior, Fighter/Thief, CG. *Wolverine would fit too.
    Hawkeye*: Main Cover Fire, Archer, CG. *Bullseye, just because he is looking for work.
    Storm*: Cover Fire/Healer, Priest of Talos, CN. *Thor could be used as well.
    Doctor Strange: Cover Fire/Magic, Sorcerer, TN.

    For an Evil group, I would try not to fall on the obvious leader of Magneto, though I never thought of him as 'evil'. Mister Sinister would make a great LE Leader, would make him an Anti-Paladin. However, he is more of a Master Manipulator, and he makes mutants, so maybe a Conjurer. Sabertooth would be a great addition as a Barbarian or Berserker, good call. Bullseye as the Archer or Crossbones as the Assassin or Fighter/Thief, melee and range. Of course the Master of Versatility himself, Taskmaster. As you said, can be any type of Fighter. HA! Loki the Trickster would make a good Illusionist or maybe (for IWD) a Gnome (you know he would have fun being a Gnome) Cleric/Illusionist. I can see Doctor Doom being a Fighter/Cleric only because you cant cast magic in armor. Then again there is that suit of chain that will allow you to.

    Besides Batman and his gallery of Villains, I never really didn't get into DC. Superman always seemed like an insult to the Human Race. Wonder Woman always felt like she was added just to please people, though the Invisible Jet was kind of cool. Green Lantern would be a close second to Batman. Robin and Batgirl are a joke. I don't know too much about the Martian Manhunter. Aquaman is cool, but he is fairly limited to just being a bad'ss in the ocean. Thankfully Justice League brought them altogether so they could each play off of each others strengths. Bring that group to Icewind Dale and watch monster flee for their lives, haha.

  • RedRodentRedRodent Member Posts: 78
    That's a cool team of Marvel heroes! Nice work.

    I thought about Mister Sinister as well but couldn't settle on a class. I like your thoughts on him though! Maybe Blade could be a decent option, with all that dramatic flair of his. It would also allow him to summon monsters so there's that. Great point about Loki being a gnome, that's definitely his style. Also on that note, Sabertooth works great as a half-orc with those fangs of his.

    Ah, I'm a big Superman guy. I just love how the character allows for really deep dives into what makes us human and our potential as a species. It really helps that he has a fantastic foil in Lex, who's probably my favourite character in all of comics. And the rest of his rogue's gallery is really strong as well. Bizarro, Brainiac, Mr. Mxyzpltk, Parasite and so on. Doomsday should be locked away in DC's basement forever though, awful character that one.

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33

    Thanks. Of course thinking about them as a group in the comics too would be mind blowing. Heck, I would love to see that group on the big screen. Using Wolverine, Bullseye (who can never be trusted, he is either evil or just crazy, but he gets the job done), and Thor as substitutes when needed. Avengers what?

    I understand the whole mythos behind Superman. If it wasn't for our sun and atmosphere, he wouldn't be nearly as powerful or 'super'. Hiding out in humanity as a bumbling weakling is brilliant. Talk about doing the opposite of what most "super heroes" do. However, that's where the insult comes in for me. But, I do like the fact that he is humble and smart, especially smart enough to battle Lex Luthor. Even Batman would have trouble with Lex if he was his #1 baddy, instead of dealing with the revolving door that is the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler.

  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,504
    Rawrbarian wrote: »
    Which Marvel and/or DC characters would you use to form your 6 man adventuring party for IWD EE?
    What class (or classes) would you use for each one?

    You could probably create an entire party just from X-Men characters.

    Based on my faded childhood memories...

    Cyclops - paladin?

    Wolverine - ranger

    Beast or Sabretooth - barbarian

    Storm - arcane caster

    Jubilee - wild mage

    Gambit - thief

    Psylocke - kensai or monk

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33

    Indeed. The Paladin is generally the leader and Cyclops was the leader, well after Prof. X.

    I can see Wolverine being a good Ranger, or even a Fighter/Thief. Treat daggers and short swords as his claws. CG alignment for sure.

    When Beast is in full 'fury' mode, I can see him being a good Berserker or Barbarian. Of course I think about the Hulk too. Kind of the same situation.

    Storm would make a great Priest of Tempus or an Invoker Mage that loves to use anything Lightning based.

    Jubilee as a Wild Mage is perfect. Of course I could see a good Mage/Thief too.

    Gambit would make a better Fifghter/Thief than just a Thief. Then again, as a Human, Dual Class.

    Psylocke would fit the Kensai perfectly. Too bad IWD doesn't have a Psionicist. Dual Class that with a Fighter for pure gold.

    Yeah, could indeed recreate the entire cast of the X-Men. Nice.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,605
    Balrog99 wrote: »
    Thor - Human Priest of Talos/Fighter (must be EE-Keepered but would be pretty fun!).

    You could make Thor a half-orc fighter/cleric and just EE Keeper the race and avatar. That way you could legally (sort of) get 19 strength and constitution.

    The trouble with making Thor in D&D games is always the lightning component. It's really hard to come up with a warrior that also has elemental magic, as that is very unbalancing for most games. You could maybe do it with a fighter-mage, but the required races don't fit, so once again, EE Keepering is required.

    A Talos kit on a fighter-cleric works, I guess, but the evil alignment would need to be Keepered out as well as putting in the illegal class combination. I assume EE Keeper can do that.

    I keep trying to make Thor in various ARPG's like Titan Quest or Diablo 2, but you usually have to give up too much melee skill while also getting the magic component going for it to be viable. I guess the Diablo 2 Hammerdin comes close, but I don't like the way that skill works in that game. (You can't throw the hammer directly at anything. It goes out in a complicated spiral pattern that makes it very tricky to use.)

    The Runemaster in Titan Quest seems inspired by Thor, but that mastery is very weak in melee, requiring a lot of kiting to avoid melee, so I don't think it really makes that good a Thor class.

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33

    Could Human Dual Class a Priest of Talos to a Fighter. Don't have to be evil, can be Chaotic Neutral as well. Of course Thor is Chaotic Good to the core, so a little deviation. Indeed, could go Fighter/Mage and focus on Lightning spells for the RP factor. Will have to choose a non-Human though, again with a little deviation.

    Half-Orc Fighter/Cleric (more deviation) could work and use Warhammer w/Single Weapon Fighting Style. That could be pushing it a bit though, but hey you gotta work with what you got, especially with IWD: EE.

    Human Druid with the Avenger kit class could work too, no warhammers though, but a club would work. The lightning spells and and the kit name fits as well. I don't think the Druid can wear the 18/99 STR robe though. I know the Barbarian and all the Mages can, not sure about the Druid.

    I remember Titan Quest, fun game. I wanted to play that again, but Steam has it now. Bummer. So I got IWD: EE from GoG instead. Honestly the game is a bit more fun, but I did enjoy messing around with the Dual Class combos in TQ.

    Too bad there isn't a throwing hammer in IWD: EE, especially a returning one. Dagger and Axe just won't fit either, not for Thor anyway.

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