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Mace of Disruption not in Bodhi's lair after Underdark

mrblue83mrblue83 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
I've never obtained to Mace of Disruption in the early chapters. I've sided with Bodhi though and been through the Underdark.

Upon realizing that the Mace of Disruption is supposed to be in the blood pool in Bodhi's lair at the graveyard, I went in (being invisible) and went to the blood pool. However, the mace does not appear to be in there.

Anyone else who has encountered this? Is there another way to still obtain the Mace of Disruption?


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,359
    The pre-underdark and post-underdark versions of the lair/cavern are separate areas. The mace is only in the pre-underdark version.

    If you have the debug/cheat console enabled, you should be able to move to the previous version of the lair with that (use the "move to area" command) and pick up the mace. There is no way to get the item without some form of cheating.

    Area codes:
    Before Underdark: AR0801 (doesn't depend on which side you choose)
    After Underdark: AR0808

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