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Two-weapon style berserker or Single-weapon style berserker ?

SoidoSoido Member Posts: 172
I want to try the berserker but I have doubts if it is worth to spend points in dual-wielding (also known as two-weapon style). What about one-handed berserker (without a shield just single-weapon style) ? Because the berserk bonus does not apply to the secondary hand, only to the primary hand, correct ? Also the weapon mastery too applies only to the main hand. And also by not going the dual-wield route I will save 3 points which can dedicate to another weapon, possibly can spend one point to single-handed for the 19-20 critical primarily. But no more than one point there because +1 extra AC not worth.

So which is better, two-weapon style berserker or single-weapon style berserker ?

And also, can I go wrong with maces as one of the weapon masteries ? Because I want to get the Stupifier for solo up to 32 000 XP, but once I get to this mark I will recruit a party.


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,029
    There are no berserker or fighter abilities that only apply to the primary hand. Dual-wielding would be the strongest style in almost all situations though you might situationally want to go sword-and-board.

  • SoidoSoido Member Posts: 172
    Hmm, I thought the berserker rage applies only to main hand. Well in such a case yeah going two-weapon style is better. Plus I remembered that some weapons are worthwhile to simply hold them in the off-hand weapon for extra bonuses like extra strength.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,711
    All attack/damage bonuses from abilities such as berserker rage, items like the gauntlets of weapon mastery, and weapon specialization apply to attacks from both hands. The only things that don't work in the off hand are APR increases from specialization. Later, in BG2, you'll pick up some +APR weapons; those grant the extra attack to the main hand, even if they're wielded in the off hand.

    Dual-wielding is extremely strong later on in BG2, but it suffers in BG1 - because AC tanking is more viable, because THAC0 penalties hurt more at low levels, and because you won't get weapons with useful passive abilities for the off hand. Then again, archery is king in BG1, and the berserker isn't good at that.

    If you're going to go with a single one-handed weapon on your warrior, use a shield. Single-weapon style is only really worth it if you're restricted to bucklers or less.

    If you're dual-wielding in BG1 as a fighter, you're going to invest maximum points in your weapon of choice and two dots in dual-wielding. That leaves nothing left over for any other proficiencies; you won't even start on them until level 12 or 15, well into BG2. Well, OK, you might consider putting the level 6 dot as the third for two-weapon style instead of the fourth for your weapon.

    So, then, maces... there are only two maces better than a generic +1 in BGEE. There's the Stupefier with its stun chance, and there's a +2 deep in Durlag's Tower. For most of the game, you'll be wielding Stupefier main-hand and a generic +1 off-hand. It's not something you're likely to have much competition for, at least; among recruitable NPCs, only Minsc and Viconia start with any proficiency.

    Most weapon classes have one or two weapons better than a basic +1; the EE did a lot to smooth them out so there aren't really any dud choices. Well, OK, katanas are a dud in BG1; the only magical katana in the game is a single generic +1.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,597
    I think the answer to your question depends on a couple of things:
    Firstly: If you intend to play through the whole saga there are different endgame weapon scenarios that you need to look at for both SoA and ToB, which might require that you have a slightly sub-par character for BG.
    Secondly, if your character is going to be your tank then you definitely need to go one-handed with shield for BG (imo).

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,029
    One more point, it is perfectly viable to use shields in BG1 while you wait for enough pips to perfect your TWF character. You do not need a pip in sword-and-shield style to do that and in general wouldn't want to delay your build by putting a pip there, unless playing something like a ranger/cleric where you'd have pips to spare.

  • Djasko_AmsterdamDjasko_Amsterdam Member Posts: 47
    edited May 2020
    The only fighter subclass I'd ever pick 1 handed style with in BG1 is a pure Kensai, an Elf to be exact with 18/00 Str, 18 or 19 Dex and 17 Con.. with points in Long Swords due to the +1 to hit that Elves get with them, which will make them hit reliably at low levels.

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