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Arkhalia - Mobile/Android Friendly PW

Hey guys, have been locked out of my old Persistent Worlds since December and had given up and stopped playing NWN altogether. Then a friend recommended Arkhalia.

It is actually a really great server, is accessible through mobile devices, and generally has between 5 and 15 players online at any given time. Hoping to up that.

It features full 40 with Legendary Levels afterwards and a TON of challenging, post-40 Dungeons. There are also a number of custom classes, feats and spells.;start

It is primarily an action server geared for exploring Dungeons both solo, and in teams. The XP gain is quick and steady, and the community is very friendly.

It is a Dungeoneer's Paradise, with a ton of really well designed Dungeons that are beautiful and fun to run or even grind over and over.

There is a HUGE arena available for PVP.

Roleplay is available but not enforced, and there are several of us online currently actively roleplaying and creating a roleplay community on Arkhalia.

If you are a Mobile refugee like me, please join us on this fantastic server.

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