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A sorcerer learning Malavon's Rage is weird, right?

Malavon's Rage is a spell dropped only by Malavon, because he created it (as it says in the spell description). So it seems strange to me that a sorcerer can just decide to learn it, regardless of whether or not the party has even met Malavon.

Of course there are lots of reasons that could be stated for why they could learn this spell. It's possible that it was already widely known across the lands, in spite of the fact that no one else sells that scroll...maybe Malavon used to be benevolent and shared the knowledge of his spells with others before turning to evil.

Just thought it was interesting. :) It would be fun if this was the one spell that sorcerers didn't get to learn, something unique that only mages and bards get, because of this specific person you encounter in the game with his own personal spell. Ah well.



  • VerticorVerticor Member Posts: 83
    You know, one might think that knowledge developed by the tinkering and experiments by one Mage might send ripples through The Force... errh, Weave.

    For that matter, isn't it odd that a Sorcerer, adventuring in the middle of nowhere hundreds of miles from the nearest Hogwarts, can suddenly gain knowledge about stuff like level 4-5-6 spells or whatever? That knowledge just springs up in their brain.

  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
    Well, from what I understand, that's the lore behind sorcerers in D&D...they have magic in their blood somehow and go through an awakening, almost like X-Men, and now they can throw magic missiles and lay down puddles of grease and all that. It's not too weird that more abilities would manifest as they become more in tune with their magical side, though you could argue it's weird that they learn the exact same abilities as studied casters. Like, those casters aren't designing these spells, instead they're tapping into some universal constant.

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 817
    Malavon's Rage was originally a IWD2 spell. Beamdog back ported alot of spells from IWD2 in order to make the IWD repertoire more interesting.

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