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Bug where "To Hit" modifiers are negative??

KFinnKFinn Member Posts: 8
Has anyone else experienced characters showing their To Hit values being negative numbers? On the character statistics screen, scrolling down to Ability Bonuses, the To Hit value for Morte is -9, Anna's is -3, while TNO is +5, Dak'kon's is +7. I know this is a true negative number because if I cast Strength of One on them to raise their strength Morte's went to -6, Anna's went to 0. I have tried resting, casting remove curse, removing them from my party then adding back, removing from party resting then adding back. Nothing is working. Basically Morte is now just completely useless, won't hit anything unless he crits.

(I can't seem to find the search bar, so I was not able to search the forum before posting....)
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