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My Two IWD: EE Playthroughs About A Month Apart.

This is just the core portion of the game. I did play through HoW and TotLM with the first group, just not the second one. I'll start HoW with the second group tomorrow.

My first playthrough finished on 4/27/2020 and my second one today 5/21/2020.

I copied my Vanilla playthrough for IWD: EE and it took me 168 days in the game. I had 3 Level 11 Human Paladins (no kits on any) and 2 Level 10/10 Half-Elf Cleric/Mages and 1 Level 9/12 Half-Elf Fighter/Thief.

First Paladin had 22% of kills, 426 kills, Malavon
Second Paladin had 24% of kills, 464 kills, Kraken Society Mage
Third Paladin had 16% of kills. 307 kills, Yxunomei
First Cleric/Mage had 6% of kills, 123 kills, Fire Giant
Second Cleric/Mage had 7% of kills. 139 kills, Tarnished Sentry
The Fighter/Thief had 22% of kills. 424 kills, Fire Giant

Second go around was a bit faster at 134 days in the game. I had a Level 13 Dwarf Dwarven Defender, Level 10/10 Half-Orc Fighter/Cleric, Level 10/10 Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger, Level 13 Dwarf Priest of Tempus, Level 10/13 Halfling Fighter/Thief, and a Level 16 Half-Elf Skald.

The Dwarven Defender had 18% of kills, 332 kills, Yxunomei
The Fighter/Cleric had 23% of kills, 416 kills, Malavon
The Cleric/Ranger had 25% of kills, 461, Greater Mummy
The Priest of Tempus had 4% of kills, 86 kills, Frost Giant Guard
The Fighter/Thief had 21% of kills, 385 kills, Pomab
The Skald had 6% of kills, 109 kills, Joril's Bodyguard

I don't get how my Fighter/Thief scored more kills than my third Paladin, that just odd. The Fighter/Thief seems to be about the same in both groups. First and second Paladin seen to be on par with the Fighter/Cleric and the Cleric/Ranger. I am actually surprised that the Fighter/Cleric and Cleric/Ranger were about the same, only a 2% difference. From the posts that I read, the Cleric/Ranger was a complete boss. My second Paladin was a little better than the Cleric/Ranger. I expected more, really. Hey 464 and 461 kills is awesome, can't complain about that.

So that's my compare and contrast with Group 1 and Group 2 for IWD. After I finish HoW and TotLM with my second group, I'll make a third with more flavor classes just to see how well they do compared to the ones above.



  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 649
    edited May 22
    Maybe try out an archer? Mine tend to have a very high group kill%. Undead hunters and cavaliers should also be much better than kitless paladins

  • inethineth Member Posts: 584
    Yeah, a Fighter or Archer with long-bow (Messenger of Sseth) should score a high kill %.

    So will a single-class Berserker dual-wielding long-swords (Long Sword of Action).
    (Kensai has better Thac0 and damage, but due to being squishy you'll pull him back from the front-line more often, so I suspect a Berserker will score better.)

  • RawrbarianRawrbarian Member Posts: 33
    iduderino: I probably should have kitted each paladin, but I wanted a play through with my original group. I have tinkered around with the Archer. I do want that in my third group. I guess, I could do another run with my Vanilla set up, but have a different kit for each Paladin. That could be interesting just for kill info.

    ineth: I have been debating about using a Kensai, Monk, Berserker, or Barbarian. I will have one in my third group, just don't know which one. I'm not wild about the Kensai not wearing armor. If anything, AC should improve over time not hit/dam. That can be covered with magical weapons and potions if need be. At least the Barbarian can use the Str 18/99 cloth armor.

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