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Walkable water ripples are squares

OserynOseryn Member Posts: 8
Sometime within the last two patches, when I walk across a stream, the nice water ripples are gone. In their place are these white squares. This doesn't happen in the diamond edition in the same mod, with the same haks. Can someone point to a way to resolve this? Thank you. Here's a screenshot.


  • CyrusJVCyrusJV Member Posts: 34
    Hi, I cannot really tell from the picture, but are the feet visible in the water? And did your problem get fixed? Maybe it is related to a problem with the water that I have with my modules.
  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 142
    This is a missing texture, or an unused texture. When there's no texture to tell each pixel what color to be, it defaults to full opaque white. (RGBA 100% 100% 100% 100%)

    The splashes were always squares, but some pixels in the square, like on the corners, were fully transparent (0% Alpha), and of course the ones in the middle would have been partially transparent and partially blue, instead of the white that they are now (maybe RGBA 10% 30% 90% 80%)

    However, they still appear semi-transparent instead of completely opaque milk-white squares, because they come from a visual effect that fades them in transparently, and stops before they become completely opaque (alphastart, alphaend particle spawning settings in the emitter's .mdl).

    Now, there are streams in the forest tileset with NO HAKS, so it is interesting to see that extra content is missing the splashes, however, this splash isn't even special just for this tileset, and is used for the splashing in all walkable water in the game, I think.

    You should make a new module in the toolset with no haks, make a forest area like this really fast, with a stream, and walk through the water to see if your splashes are still white squares.

    If there aren't, and the splashes work, since this new module won't be using any hak content yet, you could add on the haks one at a time until it breaks again. I'm not sure if this was one of those projects that adapted the 1.69 module in an "EE Version", but since this splash comes with the game and is now missing, perhaps there was hak content that was broken in 1.69, trying to change "hardcoded" features, and now that it finally works it makes the module worse.
  • OserynOseryn Member Posts: 8
    Thank you Symphony. This turned out to be a model in the overwrite directory that overwrote the default splash mdl. Once I removed that file, all worked fine. I suspect this was from before EE and when I ported the mod to EE, this CC file no longer worked. I should have updated this post when I found the problem. I will do that in the future.
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