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NPCs worth pickpocketing?

Hi everybody - I was wondering is there some list of NPCs worth pickpocketing?
Because I know about the well-known subjects like:
Tolgerias and Ring of the Ram

Capt. Dennis in Delosar Inn and Bumerang Dagger (Limited Wish quest)

Terminsel/Elminster and Ring of Protection +2

Ribald and Ring of Regeneration and cool looking generic long sword +2

Harper's and Ring of Protection +1

Vithal and items/rewards from elemental planes

Djinni in Trademeet and Efreeti Bottle

Heartwarden of Sune in Waukeen Promenade (I shall never forget MOD) and Kiel's Helm

Itona in Trademeet and Gloves of Missile Snaring (although I am not sure if it can be pickpocketed and not to kill Itona to obtain them)

One of the rangers guarding Valygar's cabin and Boots of the West (if Unfinished Business MOD is installed, although I am not sure if it can be pickpocketed and not to kill ranger to obtain them)

I am not containing the "duplications" like two ring of Gaxx, which was fixed by EE (if I am right)
And that is all I can remember. Any notable addition to this list?



  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,576
    edited May 23
    not afaik, but it can be worth to pick pocket every amn guard in town, they often drop valuable scrolls, some of them of pretty high level.
    it is a random loot and it is set the first time you enter each area, so to save before then enter the area and pick pocket them all is the way to maximize the result.
    the only other source that i know to get extra scrolls, and in both cases you can find scrolls that are not available early in the game, even if never the ones introduced by ToB, is to fight the CW instead of paying for the licence, and there the random loot changes every time you cast a spell and have them spawn.

    the other item that, in original and not in EE, is worth to pick poket is the
    bhaal's tear from the guy that gives you blackblood, this was the way to get the sword and avoid to have the alignment change/get the good oriented tear option in the original game. for EE you have to use a different exploit. the sword can not be pick pocketed in the original, but the tear can, so keeping the sword telling that you need more time to decide and never come back, as it is telling that you chose to keep the sword that triggers the evil choice, did the trick.

    note also that
    Capt. Dennis in Delosar Inn and Bumerang Dagger (Limited Wish quest)
    does not prevent you to do the quest later, for its content and xp, even if you have already the quest reward , and no, you will not receive a second item :D .

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