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Funny situation with the cult enforcer who steal Soultaker in Ulgoth’s beard

DhariusDharius Member Posts: 398
I’ve never succeeded with this before until today, but I’m kind of pleased with myself.

When this dude appears in Ulgoth’s Beard and nicks the dagger meant for the dwarf in the tavern, he casts Dimension Door and disappears.

For once I killed him before his spell took effect (I think using Neera and the whole party with Haste, and a Wild surge which increased the casting level of the Chromatic Orb she cast subsequently, which killed him on the spot). It’s all a bit of a Blur, which is not to say she casted Blur, because she didn’t :)

Anyway for our pains the party got 1800xp, some extra loot, a nice wand, and this is the weird bit...we got Soultaker back, with the following odd consequences:

* the Spawning Cultist enemies, journal entry and Aec’Letec quest continued as normal, even though the dagger had been recovered in the nick of time...Which was comforting I suppose in a weird way
* When I showed the dagger to the Dwarf at the inn, he behaved as though I didn’t have it, the ungrateful bugger...

So it’s clear that this was never meant to happen from the original programming, but frankly I don’t care, and I’m rather proud of myself for achieving it...I consider it to be a nice easter egg, like killing the Knights in Firewine and stealing their stuff...

Now I need to work out where I can sell the Soultaker dagger for 1000gp...even though it shouldn’t technically exist right now :) or maybe I’ll keep it as a trophy into SOD :D

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