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The Frontier - An RP Community

Phantom_SpacemanPhantom_Spaceman Member Posts: 6
Greetings Adventurers,

We just wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves and our Persistent World for NWN:EE!

The Frontier was originally created as a NWN2 Persistent world but the vision we had was not easily realized with the limitations of it's toolset. It's much easier to build a truly dynamic world that effects player changes as they happen in real time, permanently on the server (or until the process of reversal is undertaken by other players), and allows players to shape the world as they see fit with the oversight of the DM team. Find some ruins you'd like to rebuild into a rangers hangout? Check, this literally happened last week. Want to clear cut the forest and exterminate the troglodyte menace once and for all? Can do. Player run factions, guards, opposing forces, if you can dream it then we can make it happen. Be who you want to be here. Just know that some actions have unforeseen consequences.

Welcome to the Isles of Calisia!

We have six event DMs evenly split between EST, PT, and GMT+1 so there is usually something happening for anyone's schedule.

Just like a tabletop game, it's the players that decide the direction the world takes. That's our main philosophy. If you'd like to know more, stop by our discord and get to know the community. See you by the fire!

Discord -
Forum -

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  • Phantom_SpacemanPhantom_Spaceman Member Posts: 6
    Hey everyone! We've added two new event DMs to the staff to get more events going for the players! We've also added two raid style dungeons for a group of 6+ players to try their hands at getting hold of epic loot! The main town of Founder's Falls has seen a major facelift due to in-game consequences and the town of New Luskan, for all you seedy characters and evil doers, is open! Come join in on the RP and fun. :)

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