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Dead Man Walking! (BG2 spoilers for devs)

TESGuidesTESGuides Member Posts: 2
This isn't a feature request as much as a problem report with what I think is the correct cause. Y'all know the under-the-hood stuff better than I do, though.

Thanks to the starting dungeon, my party headed off to Windspear Hills to deliver the acorns as requested by the dryads as one of the early missions in the game. Of course the first thing that happens is we get jumped by "monsters" who turn out to be something else entirely, which leads into the whole Firkraag thing. It's a really long, slow, and painful slog for a lower-level party, but it can be done with enough patience, beverages, and save-scumming.

With Firkraag pushing up daisies (or whatever the equivalent might be), we headed to the Copper Coronet to find Lord Jierdan trying to recruit us to go kill the ogres and whatnot that triggered the whole Firkraag thing in the first place. My best guess is that there is no check for the global of whether Firkraag is dead or not, so Jierdan appears when he should not and is behaving rather energetically for a dead guy. It's not a game-breaker, but it's certainly up there in the top three or four WTF moments.

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