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Party Challenge

I like the infinity engine games. With the IWD series I end up spending a lot of time pondering about
party members, party setups, proficiencies, etc.. In order to not spend that much time and to avoid ending
up with the ever same setups Lady Luck is lending a hand.

For each character abilities scores are rolled in order (str, dex, con, int, wis, cha). In this case it's
according to custom "Method X (5d4+2), drop highest roll", i.e. roll 5d4, discard the highest roll and add
+2. If I'm in the mood I change the creation method.

Game settings are:
1) core rules,
2) roll hit points on level up and
3) rest 8 hours only

Additional restrictions:
4) level 6 and 7 divine spells only available with corresponding unmodified wisdom score*,
5) maximum # of arcane spells only according to unmodified intelligence score*,
6) maximum arcane spell level only according to unmodified intelligence score*,
7) note failed transcriptions of arcane spells for current level and character and reset list after next
level up
8) it's ok to screw up sometimes and to reload, but try to minimize reloading. If you can win/ survive the
fight then it's suggested to do so instead of reloading. Fleeing a combat but surviving is no shame.
9) should a party member take so much damage that he/she cannot be revived it's suggested that you recruit
a new party member (roll up ability scores according to spefiied method). A reload would also be OK in
that case.

*) Potions that permanently increase the ability score count. Potions that temporarily increase the ability
score don't count. Items/ equipment that alter the ability score don't count. This is an arbitrary
"house rule" to keep things simple.

D=Dwarf; E=Elf; G=Gnome; h=Halfling; ; H=Human; hE=Half-Elf; hO=Half-Orc
ab=Abjurer; B=Bard; Ba=Barbarian; C=Cleric; co=Conjurer; D=Druid; di=Diviner; en=Enchanter; il=Illusionist;
in=Invoker; M=Mage; Mo=Monk; ne=Necromancer; P=Paladin (any except Black Guard); S=Sorceror; Sh=Shaman;
T=Thief(any except Shadow Dancer); tr=Transmuter

So now here's the challenge. There are 6 barebone character sheets which have to be turned into a party that
can survive IWD1 (incl. HoW and SoM).

After picking a race, don't forget to apply the appropriate modifiers
(e.g. elf: +1 dex, -1 con; Gnome: +1 int, -1 wis, dwarf: +1 con, -1 cha, halfling: -1 str, +1 dex; Half-Orc:
+1 str, +1 con, -2 int).
It can happen that after applying the ability score modifiers the character might not meet the minimum
requirements for a class. Keep that in mind.
Determine the races, classes (or multiclasses or dual-classes if available), weapon proficiencies, skills
and alignments. If you like you might add some short background. I know this is not the BG series, but a
little bit of background can really spice things up.

Keep in mind that some characters might not meet the requirements to use specific items. With more and
better gear (especially magically enhanced gear) things will get easier. When training weapon
proficiencies try to stick with what the character can use now and not after getting specific gear
(gauntlets, belts, etc.) in the future.

character #1

str 8
dex 11
con 9
int 11
wis 10
cha 9

races: H hE E G hO
classes: M Mo C T S

character #2

str 13
dex 9
con 10
int 8
wis 12
cha 8

races: H hE E G h hO
classes: F Mo C T Ba

character #3

str 9
dex 8
con 10
int 10
wis 10
cha 11

races: H hE E G h hO
classes: F M C S Ba

character #4

str 9
dex 12
con 8
int 8
wis 11
cha 11

races: H hE E G hO
classes: F C T Ba

character #5

str 9
dex 6
con 11
int 12
wis 11
cha 11

races: H hE E D G hO
classes: F M C S Ba

character #6

str 7
dex 9
con 10
int 9
wis 15
cha 9

races: H hE E G h hO
classes: M Mo C T S ab



  • Sweron_DernSweron_Dern Member Posts: 8
    Interesting, keeping us updated how the game will go with screenshots ? :)
    I'm still afraid to try something like this, my dark side for min-maxing is too stronk ^^*

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 838
    edited May 29
    The dice method is burned to get low scores.
    The 5d4 drop the highest average will be 7-10 number about 60% of time. To get 16 you have only 0,10% chance.
    If you use the 5d4 drop the lowest, your average number will be increased to 10-13.
    Funny but simple 4d4 has better results than the first method, and the original 4d6 drop the lowest is similar to that.
    Check the probabilities:

    The best should be(to get iwdee useful scores) is highest 3 of 5 or 6d6.

  • beerflavourbeerflavour Member Posts: 116
    edited June 9
    Actually I have a party generator prrogram. I can easily switch the rolling method. In this case I wanted average scores (8-12) and avoid too low score (5 or less).

    2nd edition aD&D is a bit forgiving. You don'treally get much penalties nor bonuses for ability scores in between 7 and 14.

  • beerflavourbeerflavour Member Posts: 116
    One possible setup:

    character #1 - Verda
    Gnome, Cleric/Thief, female, Chaotic Good
    Weapon and Style Proficiencies: * club, * sling

    character #2 - Samezara
    Half-Orc, Fighter (Berserker), female, Chaotic Neutral
    Weapon and Style Proficiencies: * axe, ** halberd, * two-handed style

    character #3 - Yerick
    Gnome, Fighter, male, True Neutral
    Weapon and Style Proficiencies: * long sword, * war hammer, * short bow, * sword & shield style

    character #4 - Izzven
    Half-Elf (Half-Drow), Fighter/Thief, male, Chaotic Good
    Weapon and Style Proficiencies: * mace, * long sword, ** light crossbow

    character #5 - Mia
    Human, Sorcerer, female, True Neutral
    Weapon and Style Proficiencies: * quarterstaff
    Arcane Spells known: sleep, shield

    character #6 - Larafae
    Half-Elf (Half-Drow), Cleric/Mage, female, Chaotic Neutral
    Weapon and Style Proficiencies: * club, * sling
    Arcane Spells known: identify, friends

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 965
    It's interesting to play IWD (and BG/BG2 as well) without the customary 18/00 18 18 setup for physical stats. You have to worry a lot more about strategy because you aren't receiving the customarily massive strength bonus with each hit. Good luck!

  • beerflavourbeerflavour Member Posts: 116
    Not really. The gnome fighter is turtling up with a shield. The Half-Orc berserker is on the way to grand mastery with halberds. The Half-Elf Fighter/Thief is going 2 Weapon Fighting. With a haste and a cleric's strength boosting 3rd leve spell they plow through trash.

    I must say a sorcerer makes things even a lot easier. The backup caster can learn spells the sorcere is missing. Web, stinking cloud and fireball are a deadly combination.

    The party managed to clear dragon eye and is now on the way to the severed hand.

    With more and more loot and magical equipment, things will get even easier.

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