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Hello from Alaster

AlasterGRAlasterGR Member Posts: 7
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Hello and Greetings from the faraway Greece. I am Alaster and I've been playing videogames since I was around 6-7 yo.
Plainscape : Torment was an amazing experience well worth the hours upon hours of reading. Started Tides of Numenera but it is on hold for the time being... I have played BG and BG : EE in the past but never finished either because their aesthetic doesn't agree with me and am looking forward to trying out the other 4 relevant games !

I can be shy and I mainly entered the forums in search of materials and mods ~ I love mods in rpgs.

I am on the 2nd half of my Informatics MSc in Piraeus University

Unrelated, this forum supports BBCode but does it support colouring words ?

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