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All the Allies / enemies

naggertnaggert Member Posts: 65

Guess what. I'm missing two achievements. All the Allies and All the enemies.
I've had two playthroughs were I attempted them both times. Both achievements seems very finicky.

I'm at my wits end as I cant be arsed to do a 3rd playthrough in an attempt to get those two achievements.

My boon?!
Does anyone have a savegame right before the fight at Dragonspear, where all criteria are met?
Maybe someone knows which global strings to change in EEkeeper?

I don't see the golems or Teleria even tho I paid 1.000 gold.
I don't see Julann & Rigah despite having talked to them. I think maybe I needed to have a chat with Minsc so they left?
I don't see Delgar Munsch even tho I surrendered Bridgefort peacefully.

Thanks in advance.

Okay I figured it out and managed to get the achievements after fiddling with EEkeeper. I've tried to upload the save, but I'm not allowed?
I think theese are the two for all the allies
This achievement will trigger as soon as you're done talking at the gates.

all the enemies
This wont trigger before you KILL the three enemies.
Strunk is near the east gate

Delgar Munsch is at the west - behind the celestial Ashatiel (don't challenge her)

Juliann and Rigah is at the north gate
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  • bohoboho Member Posts: 3
    I too didn't want to replay all of SOD to get All the Enemies after realizing a few days of play later that I needed to have surrendered at Bridgefort. This was actually one of the few results via Google that discusses this subject.

    Anyway, either the Munsch conditions changed or they are incomplete/inaccurate as written. I tried several things to get him to appear but what ultimately worked on my save was adding the "BD_MUNSCH_PLOT" global variable set to 0 (though it looks like by next save the game changed it to 1).

    I found a clue to this variable in BDMUNSCH.BSC, which mentioned a bark and journal popup regarding surrendering the bridge supplies and Munsch being present at the siege. However, I really have zero knowledge of BG/BGEE's data structure or modding so there may be other variables that need to be tweaked as well.

    Anyway, there are plenty of "gotcha" achievements in SoD, so if you're looking to get them all in one playthrough, definitely have a guide on-hand and follow it to the letter. The one I was using was poorly written and didn't really explain itself, so I thought the surrender was the author's personal choice. It wasn't.
  • MeraMera Member Posts: 131
    Also trying to get "All the enemies" which is my last remaining achievement, and I can't seem to be able to, so annoying :( Did a speed run, lots of ctrl+j and ctrl+y but other than that, managed to get all global variables specified above "the normal" way.
    As a matter of fact, all required npcs are present at the battle but no matter in what order I killed them, the achievement won't pop :'(
  • MeraMera Member Posts: 131
    Ok, finally got it. In case anyone cares, the triggers seem all kind of messed up.
    Got the achievements when I managed to trigger the journal entries regarding the added enemies ("oh no, didn't deal with Skunk" and "oh no, lots of crusaders because Bridgefort"), not because of the kills. Weird.
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