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Can you recommend me a PW, where role-play is not taken ultra-seriously in an almost fanatic way ?

Hello !

I am looking for a PW with the following characteristics -->

- You can take back / roll-back statements you have accidentally written in dialogue in role-play because you made a mistake you really didn't even wanted to make, because of lacking knowledge of lore of this PW.

- DM's didn't force you and even uninvolved players into role-play you didn't even want to do, only because you made an unwanted, unapparent mistake.

- were leveling-up is not so incredibly slow that even after playing many, many month and many hours every day too you still have not reached level 8 for example, and where reaching level 20 for example, especially with some races / sub-races, would take virtually years to accomplish.

- no harsh punishing dying-system. And also no dying-system which makes it possible to even loose whole levels at the hands of unbalanced random-enemy-groups which eventually keep you in an infinity-loop of endless dying.

- A PW were a question like "Can you tell me where the quest-giver for becoming a vampire is ?" is not answered by a DM with "I actually could tell you, but i will not, because it would be considered "Meta-Gaming". You must find the quest-givers on your own." which then really means you have to talk to hundreds of NPC's scattered in the whole PW-World, even in remote and secret places, which all have a similar boring dialogue, just to find the quest-giver. And were fellow player-comrades who even played this PW for many years (!) did not know were the quest-giver is to find.

- were role-playing and hack & slash have a good balance on that server between each other.

- A big PW-World, which means not too small.

- Not a PW where on an regular afternoon only 3 or 4 people are online.


  • SeeroSeero Member Posts: 9
    I get some of your frustrations and if you are interested i think Avermere might interest you. The only thing that probably wont float your boat is the low player population cause honestly we just got started. Anyway, just a thought, happy hunting.

  • MagicMasterMagicMaster Member Posts: 18
    Thank you very much, Seero !

    Perhaps i will try that PW.

  • MagicMasterMagicMaster Member Posts: 18
    It is me again.

    I cannot find this server anywhere.

    The Website seems dead.

    The beamdog-client cannot connect with

    Instead i found this website -->

    If i understand this correctly this PW will be released in the near future and is not ready yet, am i right ?

  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 905
    I think you might be asking too much in your original post. Some of your criticisms are genuinely fair but others seem to boil down to wanting low risk or challenge but high rewards. I guess you could sum it up as wanting a very casual experience without the outdated 'rp' hangups. It's that last part which clashes with most high population servers because they tend to be much older and rigid about their rules.

    Besides venturing to low population servers a lot of people used to go to social servers for the more casual style. On EE you're limited to lower population servers because while the higher population servers are still casual in some ways they have those stringent rules or they're tuned in an unwelcoming way.

  • MagicMasterMagicMaster Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for your answer FreshLemonBun !

    I should perhaps say that the role-playing-experience i described in my thread bothered me much much more than all the other things i described. I could certainly live with the crawling slow progress, even if it wasn't necessarily to my taste and could have been a little bit faster, but this "role-playing-disaster" was finally what caused me to leave this server, whose name I will not mention, because I do not want to wash dirty laundry, and I do not wish them anything bad as a farewell.

  • SeeroSeero Member Posts: 9
    This is a new iteration of Avermere that isn't connected to those previous websites and information. I have recently relaunched the server which you can find on the server list in game. Avermere Returns.

  • SeeroSeero Member Posts: 9
    I had to take the server down last night for some repairs so that could explain why you didnt immediately see it. It's back now on its persistent basis.

  • MagicMasterMagicMaster Member Posts: 18
  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 905
    I understand, I mean to say I wouldn't criticize a server for some of that stuff more about their themes and mechanics but the rest is certainly fair criticism. Again I would encourage you to try a few smaller servers, the only way they get popular is when people give them a chance.

  • Phantom_SpacemanPhantom_Spaceman Member Posts: 6
    edited June 2020
    Hey @MagicMaster , you might enjoy The Frontier! We're a strong and growing role playing community with plenty of adventure and hack & slash thrown into the mix. There are over 250 player accessible areas and 30 more saved for DM events. Leveling is decent and death isn't too harsh. We have quests, lore, a bounty system for named monsters, and unique loot. The world offers plenty of challenge and mystery if you enjoy puzzles, OOC raids where RP is not required and frequent DM events that are annouced on our Discord but not mandatory to participate in.

    We have Role Players from all different walks and experiences, different styles, and are very inclusive! There are six event DMs spread across three major timezones, so something is usually going on. We've also been running for three years and are constantly adding new content. Come check us out sometime!

  • ElGrilloElGrillo Member Posts: 2
    Hi @MagicMaster, you should come check out ALFA ('A Land Far Away')'s Waterdeep server!

    ALFA used to be an incredibly hardcore/strict RP community but nowadays is a lot more relaxed. If you make mistakes in RP you should have no problem either retconning them or smoothing them over - people are generally pretty chilled about those sorts of things.

    It's an awesome community and amazing content. It's quite hardcore in terms of mechanics in that you need to group up with people to survive, but there are usually people about and everyone's very newbie friendly so you shouldn't struggle with finding folks to adventure with. Come say hi in our Discord if you want or check out the info and new player guide all linked on our site:

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