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Level up problem

Hi, everyone!

Im a level 12 paladin and yet i have no been able to upgrade any stats... (i mean Strenght, dextery, etc).

Why? There are no points to upgrade after levelling?

Thank you all!!


  • KloroxKlorox Member Posts: 810
    Getting stat boosts as you advance in levels as part of a character feature began in D&D 3rd edition.

    Baldur’s Gate is based on 2nd edition AD&D rules, and that was never implemented.

    There will be chances for stat changes in the game, but it isn’t based on your level.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 755
    What choices do you get to make as you level up in the BG series?
    - All classes choose new weapon proficiencies as they level; a paladin gets one every three levels.
    - Thieves and monks choose how to allocate points among their skills - things like lockpicking, trapfinding, or hiding in shadows.
    - Sorcerers and shamans choose new spells known.
    - All classes, at epic levels (3 million XP or more), get a new "high level ability" each time they level up, which is chosen from a pool of options appropriate to their class.

    Improving your stats ... that doesn't come from leveling. Permanent boosts are very rare; in BG2, there are only three places you can get permanent stat boosts for anybody. First, a series of trials at the end of the SoA campaign let your protagonist make choices and earn permanent rewards, some of which are stat bonuses. Second, the Watcher's Keep mega-dungeon includes an opportunity to pick up a Deck of Many Things, which can (if you're lucky) grant +1 to a character's primary stat. Third, that same mega-dungeon includes a machine that can, for each stat, give one character +1 in that stat.

    Instead, you should look to temporary boosts, and items that grant bonuses when equipped. A nymph cloak to boost your paladin's charisma and get better prices in shops. A belt of giant strength to set your strength to 19 (or more, later on with stronger versions) and hit harder. A Draw Upon Holy Might spell, to push your strength even higher for a few rounds. That's what improving your stats looks like in the Baldur's Gate series.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,621
    edited June 1
    leveling up the toons gain also more hp, the first levels based on a class specific dice roll, that on low difficulties or also on high if chosen in the game option is always the maximum possible roll, later is a class realted fixed gain each time you level up.
    the casters not only can cast higher levels of spells, or learn them if they don't learn from scrolls, but also get more slots to memorize them.
    also the saving throws get better as you level up.
    some classes get also particular bonuses at certain levels, ie a monk becomes immune to poison at lev 11.

    to have a better idea of what leveling up brings to each class the following tables are really useful, and as you see there is no stats change, but almost every other thing is listed but the thieving points gained.'s_Gate:_Progression_Charts

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