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Borked dual-class Berserker?

I've been trying to find a solution to this, but am coming up blank as to what that might be. For BGEE, I have a dual-classed Berserker/Mage (level 7/8, respectively) with Mage as the second and actively progressing class. There were few problems with this in BGEE aside from his tendency to Enrage automatically unless I turn off all scripting. I imported this character into SOD and found that he lost the ability to cast any spells. Even stripped down to nothing (no weapons, no bracers, no rings, no nada), the spells button is completely grayed out. He can still use scrolls, wands, and such, and still has his Bhaalspawn abilities, but cannot cast any memorized spells (he can still memorize, btw). I brought him into BG2EE with no issues, so this appears to be something specific to SOD.

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