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SeeroSeero Member Posts: 9
Welcome to Avermere

This server was designed by a talented group of Developers and DMs to create an experience that is beloved by many in the Neverwinter Nights community. My intent is to bring this server back to life while still paying homage to those talented people and providing new/ returning players the chance to experience Avermere the same way I did so many years ago. Thanks goes out to all those involved in the construction of this massive world from the mapping, the writing, the balancing and in particular the coding, which is so complex and well thought out from top to bottom. Enjoy your time here and once again, welcome back to Avermere!

Thanks to everyone who put in the time to give us players such a unique and robust experience. Below is a list of names of those I've known to be associated with the game and those who gave me some of my best experiences when I started playing Avermere.






There are many, many more names associated with this server but unfortunently I don't know them. If any of the original team sees this please do not hesistate to reach out to me and ask for credit for your work here. You deserve all the credit in the world and I wanted nothing more than to bring all the good work done here back to the community for everyone to enjoy. Avermere should not be sitting idle on someones computer, its something everyone should have a chance to enjoy.

Thanks for playing


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