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nwnmdlcomp problem with steam version

I have the nwn EE on Steam and it seems that the nwnmdlcomp tool only works well with other versions, like the one from GOG.
Every time I try to compile or decompile something I get the message "Unable to locate or open Neverwinter Nights"
There is a modified version made by virusman that has worked for me to decompile, but I still cannot compile anything.

Is there an improved version of the application or another that I can use to compile models?



  • ZwerkulesZwerkules Member Posts: 112
    Just add a registry entry for NWN and the compiler will work.
    For windows 10 it is WOW6432Node, Bioware, NWN, Neverwinter.
    There you'll need four strings and a dword.
    The strings GUID and Version probably don't matter. Location and Path are the ones the compiler is looking for and they need to point to the directory your installation of NWN is in. The DWORD language is 0 for English. For other languages it is probably the same as the number used in tlks.
  • VarnetVarnet Member Posts: 3
    Thank you very much i will try that
  • dafenadafena Member Posts: 74
    To compile don't use nwnmdlcomp, use the game.
    New console command: compileloadedmodels (comppiles all loaded models, including binary)

    New console command: compileloadedasciimodels (compiles all loaded models, only ascii)

    New console command: compilemodel <name> (specific model, will load and unload it for you even if it is not currently loaded)

    Something like "##compilemodel my_model" on the chat will compile my_model.mdl ;)
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