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[Android] data directory access under Android Q

The Enhanced Editions currently store user data, such as saves, override folders, portraits etc under /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition (the initial part of this path may vary based on your device, I believe).

Currently file managers (and other useful tools such as Termux), can access this storage for read-write operations, so we can add portraits, backup and edit save games etc.

I believe that with Android Q, the new "Scoped Storage" permission will make this area unaccessible to other apps (caveat: while I a programmer, I am not an Android developer - please correct me if this is understanding is wrong). This would be a shame, as even the simple act of adding a custom portrait, let alone transferring saves or character editing etc, would require users to root their phones.

If anybody from Beamdog is reading this, I was wondering if this is an issue you are aware of and planning to address (e.g. by using a publicly accessible location for the files) 🙂

(cross posted from the baldursgate subreddit:

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