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Equipping Natural Equipment on PCs And Locking It on Them


I am looking into equipping PCs with Natural Equipment(claws, Bites, Skin) via scripting and also locking the items on them until X condition is meant(Meaning it cannot be removed). Specifically its being attempted for Lycanthropes to give them DR piercing claws.

Thanks in advance!


  • TerrorbleTerrorble Member Posts: 108
    If you have the PC shift then you can specify the claws, bite and hide in polymorph.2da. The first 3 lines are set for lycanthrope shapes already. While shifted, shapes cannot change their claws/weapons.

    I don't know how you'd do the bite without shifting. The claws you could simulate with monk gloves, but they could be removed by the player.

  • Strife_and_DiscordStrife_and_Discord Member Posts: 17
    We use Appearance change instead of polymorph so we can allow Lycanthrope PCs to use items and cast spells, so sadly thats not an option.

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 871
    CreateItemOnObject then ActionEquipItem works for the skin, so worth trying the creature weapon slots, too.

    The nice thing is that the PC cannot remove anything from those slots - removal by script when the condition is met is the only way.

    Not sure whether the appearance change needs to occur before or after - worth trying.

    I glean that this is for a PW so there might be persistence issues which are beyond my experience - though if I read past comments right, you just need to ensure that your scripts don't unequip those slots.

  • Strife_and_DiscordStrife_and_Discord Member Posts: 17
    Worked like a charm @Proleric thank you!
    I would also like to give insights from my own experience that ActionTakeItem does not work well to strip them and the best and only way should be DestroyObject(GetItemInSlot());

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 871
    Yes, sadly, I believe DestroyObject is necessary to strip items.

    If you need to store the items in a chest for later use (on release from jail, for example) use CopyItem first, with the copy variables parameter set to TRUE.

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