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Requests: more awesome for right-clicking in toolset

henesuahenesua Member Posts: 62
edited June 2020 in Builders - Toolset
You know what would be awesome?

- If in the toolset we could right click on a placeable and had an option to create a waypoint at the placeable's location. (This replaces the following not so awesome workflow: add placeable, click on adjust location, record position manually, create waypoint, manually enter position coords for waypoint, and then delete placeable.)
Even more awesome: variables set on the waypoint for object visual transform values. Then we can spawn via script, pick up waypoint position and transform vars, and bam... there's a placeable controlled via script exactly where it was placed in the toolset. I currently do this by hand, and its tedious.

- another thing that would totally be awesome:
right click object 1 - copy local variables
right click object 2 - paste local variables (conflicts favor the pasted value, but require clicking "yes" on a "Do you want to replace these existing values?" modal)

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