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Where are the mounted skeletons for CEP?

ESXESX Member Posts: 23
I loaded the starter mod CEP (all the haks), and can see under the appearance mounted female and male skeleton. They are not the ones I am looking for. There used to be skeletons that you could change the horse and different types of skeletons riding them, or even wargs. Anyone know where this stuff is in the palette or phenos?


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 791
    edited June 2020
    CEP has so many custom appearances that it's not practical to include templates for them all.

    For most, you have to make a new template, either using the Creature Wizard, or by copying an existing one.

    For the dynamic mounted skeletons, you need the following settings:

    Appearance = (Dynamic) Skeleton* (Amala)
    Phenotype = Normal Mounted
    Race = Undead

    See tutorial.

    Best to set the appearance first, with Phenotype = Normal, so that you can select the body parts and equipment before changing to Normal Mounted.

    CEP has a considerable number of tail models, but if there's one you can't find, just add the model to tailmodel.2da.


  • ESXESX Member Posts: 23
    Thank you. I read that tutorial 3 times before, but did not see anything about the dynamic choices. On my way to a skeleton mounted army! Thanks

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