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2x UI looks bad, fixes?

ESXESX Member Posts: 23
I run a 2560x1440 monitor, and have selected the UI scale x2 since it is the only one big enough for the screen. However, the font and icons look crappy and blurry. Is there a mod or better fix for this? Or can I mod it myself to clear it up?


  • AncarionAncarion Member Posts: 155
    Unfortunately, the game's icons are generally tiny - I think the smallest is 16X32 pixels for small size portraits. Most are 32x32. To achieve what you're after, you'd need someone to completely replace the default icons with higher-resolution versions, and I doubt that's happening any time soon.

    Some icons, like those for inventory and portraits, are hard-coded for size, so you can't upscale them anyway. You might be able to upscale the fonts, but I've never looked into that.

  • ESXESX Member Posts: 23
    Well, I may have to get used to it then, thanks

  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 129
    The way that it works is that the UI scale changes the bounds for the textures. When it comes time to fill these boxes (or triangles if you want to be pedantic), the game samples the textures, and samples between original pixels end up being a blend of their adjacent values. This can make things appear blurry, since everything gets smoothed out, even if two adjacent pixels were designed to be a dramatic shift in color or brightness.

    The sampling occurs with any image, if you were playing in 1x upscale, but used higher resolution textures for the icons and portraits etc, you could also end up with blurriness since the smaller pixel count now has to average out many pixels to get one final pixel color.

    However, I did do some quick and easy rename magic to take all of the game's original portraits "up one size", allowing the chatbar 16x32 portraits (tiny) to use the party bar (small) files instead, which are 32x64, which is how big the box will be on your monitor if you are using 2x.

    I considered putting it on Steam Workshop or something, but considered it a niche interest package. Maybe I'll put it on Dropbox for you and post a link here if you're interested.

    This will only affect portraits, of course, inventory icons etc. don't have twice as big files conveniently already laying around with other file names.

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