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The Frozen North - Open-Source Action PW set around Neverwinter and the Wailing Death

pokpok Member Posts: 17
edited September 2020 in Persistent Worlds & Multiplayer
Hello everyone! This is a PW Action server capped at level 12, with an aim to keep class and spell changes to a minimal - done with an effort by meticulously balancing items and encounters accordingly while keeping things challenging! The XP is slow-medium (since it's capped at level 12), low magic, and highly quest focused. Because there are very few changes to the class and spells, along with no RP rules, and the fact that the server is hakless, you should be able to get into the action in no time.



The story is set around the Wailing Death in Neverwinter, where you are a fledgling recruit to the Academy. You are first tasked with restoring order and stopping the chaos of thugs, necromancers, and others who seek to take advantage of Neverwinter in it's weak state. Later on, you will be allowed to leave Neverwinter in pursuit of finding the reagents of cure, traveling to places such as the Neverwinter Woods, the Spine of World, the Underdark, and other dangerous places of the Sword Coast.

- Items are capped to +3. Finding such items, even a +1 item, is rare and valuable.
- No items with "True Seeing", "Haste", or immunities. As an example, a belt that used to give immunity to fear may instead give +3 to saving throws against fear. This is to strengthen and make all classes valuable.
- Unique loot (over 600+). No random +1 Cursed Longsword of Frost and other things like that. Most loot is handpicked, ported, and rebalanced from cRPG classics such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, other Neverwinter Nights modules/campaigns, and etc. Expect to find something like Taralash or Carsomyr in the treasure tables!

Distributed Loot and Party Revival
Gold is evenly distributed to each player in a personal loot container, and any items are randomly distributed to each player in the vicinity. Being close to another friendly player or henchman will revive you outside of combat, similar to NWN2.

Solo and Party Friendly
This server is friendly to both solo and party players. Not only can you hire a multitude of henchman, but you can also enlist help from the local militia to help you on your quest for free.

Other Features
- Resting encounters and ambushes
- Random Event System
- Henchman and generic followers
- Summons, animal companions, and familiars do not affect XP
- Staves and shurikens count as monk weapons
- Most NPCs and enemies can be pickpocketed
- Enemies have a morale system
- Simple horse system

Check this page for a more extensive feature list.

Since this is a fresh server, we would be very appreciative of anyone who would like to contribute!

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  • pokpok Member Posts: 17
    edited July 2020
    Some screenshots from the revamped Beggar's Nest (the original was pretty plain IMO)


    I'm also close to finishing the port from Highcliff, the port town in NWN2:


    This will serve as a hub and respawn point for the lower parts of the Sword Coast North.

    Also, I'm looking for area designers or quest/dialogue writers to contribute to the project, but any help is appreciated. If you don't know how to use nasher, that's fine - I can walk you through it or I can just commit the erf/mod. Even if you are a newbie at the toolset, I'd be happy to guide and mentor you! I'd like to start some sort of PW built from community contributions :)

  • SourceOfTheMistSourceOfTheMist Member Posts: 3
    I just wanted to say that this server is ridiculously fun and worth your time if you are looking to relive the original campaign but with a unique spin! What's really cool is how the old and nostalgic areas of Neverwinter are rehashed in a brand new and persistent "MMO" style.

    Some screenshots for your viewing pleasure! I hope to see you ingame and would be 100% happy to help/assist/party up with you to get you started! ^_^

    ==========Trial By Fire==============
    The dim flicker of torches burned through the dust-laden shadows that haunted the corridors of the forgotten underground mausoleum. The silhouettes of two shambling figures appeared through the doorway, their every steps radiating with pure killing intent. Pulse quickening, temples throbbing, the two recruits on the other side rallied together, side-by-side in tenuous firelight, the adrenaline of their first battle coming to a cresting point as they braced for the attack...

    ========== The Return ==============
    "Just a bit further!" Kavin kept his usual cheery gait, pouches filled with bounty and spoils dangling from his weathered belt. The elf looked back at his hunched-over academy mate, holding back a chuckle as the armor-clad knight apprentice strained to keep up.

    "Very funny Kavin! Hopefully my armor won't rust before we make it there." The young man barely choked out a defeated laugh, his labored footsteps clanking through the square.

    ==========The Southern Watch==============
    A cold mist hovered low above the dew-laden grass and cobblestone of the gateway as a robed figure stood gazing out at the near-endless stretch of weathered road.

    "To Highcliff, a dangerous pass, laden with bandits and the sorts..." The robed wizard's voice trailed off as he glanced at his heavily-armored companion. With a slight shrug, the armor-clad man gave him a sigh and nodded.

    The two awaited their friend, watching the trail of horse-mounted guards do their patrol runs...

    ========== Ice Spear Confirmation ==============
    Regmiir's voice crackled with a triumphant ethereal quality as his glowing blue hands produced a jagged spear made solely of ice. Like a lance, it flew from his hands, piercing straight through an unsuspecting assailant with a resounding "crack," the exclamation point of the finale. The fog of battle drifted over the crimson-stained field like a burial shroud, the screams of the assailants fading to a mere whisper as the wind picked up through the mist-laden grove.

  • pokpok Member Posts: 17
    edited August 2020

    Here's a video SourceOfTheMist recorded of us (I'm Kavin Sureshot in the video) kicking some troll tail! Couldn't have done it without his traps.

  • pokpok Member Posts: 17
    edited August 2020
    New features!

    Here's something you don't see in most persistent worlds: henchman that will banter and comment on their surroundings! Some are based on location, status, etc. Did I mention that they are voiced?


    There is also a random events engine, very similar to Skyrim. A few examples include a paladin that will cure your disease and possibly be persuaded to join in your quest in the graveyard, a travelling merchant on the High Road, or even a wolf or bear pack on the way to Neverwinter River.


    We have also re-done the wiki, so please check it out here for more information:

    We're still looking for builders, by the way! Check out the Builder's Guide in the wiki as well if you are interested in building a world for the community :)

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  • pokpok Member Posts: 17
    edited August 2020

    Adventurers have been added as a random event! You may encounter them on the roads as well as dangerous dungeons.

    Already filled to the brim with treasures from their adventure, they may prove to be a useful ally to other would-be adventurers.

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  • pokpok Member Posts: 17
    edited August 2020
    We first set out from Neverwinter with Kavin, Tobias, and Thelonius, along with some friends we picked up at the Trade of Blades and some militia recruits fresh from the Adventurer's Academy.

    We encounter some bandits on the roads outside of Neverwinter, which is easily dispatched by our small army.


    We happen by some ogres and a powerful ogre mage, and a battle ensued...


    We manage to overcome them, but not without some heavy losses.


    Along the way we spotted an old abandoned outpost that is now inhabited by hobgoblins. They are quickly destroyed and deprived of their ill-gotten treasures. We were also accompanied by a travelling adventurer, who was eager to join the party.


    We find our way into the Mere of Dead Men, where our numbers are almost depleted. Kavin lied dying on the ground, while a pack of trolls were chasing poor Thelonius...


    Meanwhile, the trolls giving chase to Thelonius were unaware of Tobias laying some hasty traps...


    With some cleverly placed traps, Tobias and Thelonius were able to take down the trolls and save Kavin and friends!


    We make it to the lizardfolk lair in search of the heart of a pureblood yuan-ti. At first there was little resistance, but soon they all came out of the woodwork and we were quickly overwhelmed.


    Somehow, Tobias managed to save all of us with his trusty traps. At that point we decided we should head to Highcliff to recuperate, of which Tobias was able to provide the party with a handy spell of Sanctuary...


    We finally made our way to Highcliff, mostly unscathed thanks to the Sanctuary spell. There were a few stragglers who followed, who was greeted not so warmly by the guards awaiting our arrival.


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  • pokpok Member Posts: 17

    Here's a video of one of the fierce battles we had last night! We lost a dear friend, but managed to exact our revenge! OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU!! ( ≧Д≦)

  • DiroDiro Member Posts: 3
    Really awesome server. Been playing with these guys for the past few days and they are really great people. They are always willing to help and party up.

    The server is quick to action and with low population at the moment the henchmen come in handy!

  • "Anathema"

    "Night Shift"

    "In the Maw of Death"

  • pokpok Member Posts: 17
    edited September 2020
    Here's a black and white map of the overland of the server, made by the very talented Pomprant.


    What we're going for is going to be very close to original Sword Coast North!

  • pokpok Member Posts: 17
    Hey all, just wanted to let you guys know that we are still alive! Recently we have revamped the areas in the server with the new tilesets:




    The areas are quite fresh and are in need of placeables to liven the place up, but they will be soon! Also, these screenshots were taken without NPCs added - they look much more lively in-game. Once I finally get some time to game, I'll take some additional screenshots of gameplay.

    We're also looking for builders of any sort, big or small. Scripters, area designers, quest writers, sandwich makers - anything helps hehe. Please let me know if you are interested :D

  • pokpok Member Posts: 17
    edited October 2020
    Here's some screenshots a player took of the City Core and Castle Never:




    There is also a ferry system, where players can use to quickly travel to other districts.

    Animal companions and familiars have also been tweaked. Some rarely used familiars such as bats are now useful, as they gain vampiric regeneration that scales based on their master's level. Some other tweaks include on-hit stuns for faerie dragons, on-hit sleep for pixies, fear immunity and wounding on-hit for badgers, and more. More info here.

  • marcnivarmarcnivar Member Posts: 127
    I wonder this PW has made the vanilla story feels better, as I know many dislike OC because the story and quests.

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