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Unholy Reaver in other Premiums

MagnakaiMagnakai Member Posts: 7
Hi, is there an unholy reaver for blackguards anywhere in the other premiums? i realize the holy avenger (longsword) in HotU has no alignment restriction, just scans for paladin levels to activate holy avenger trait, so if a blackguard had ex-paladin levels, it should activate and function.

However to be aesthetically correct, you may agree this is not exactly the same. The weapon is still a Holy weapon man. Is there a mod which introduces a separate weapon 'Unholy Reaver' perhaps mirroring the HA, except it checks for blackguard levels instead? And possibly the glow appearance, is there a darker glow maybe use the purple like from eldritch effects. I do realize it's still divine damage since there is no separate 'infernal' damage code

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