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Resize an object and save to palette as a static object?

ESXESX Member Posts: 23
It seems that you can not resize an object, and then make it static or it will return to the original size. Is there a way to save an object to palette or in the area at a smaller size while also making it static and not going back to 100% original size?



  • Old_GithOld_Gith Member Posts: 92
    I'm not convinced there is such an option. Even resizing and saving to the palette does not work (regardless of Static). When placed again the object is reverted to original size. But using the static feature basically "shuts off" any resizing features. If anyone is aware of being to save a resized object to the palette (and it still be resized), I'm all ears.

  • virusmanvirusman Member, Developer Posts: 168
    Static placeables can't be scaled unfortunately. This is due to game/engine limitations.

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